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Best Sourcing & Procurement Platform in USA

Along with the advancement in Innovation & Technology , E-commerce industry is growing by leaps and bounds. It holds a huge scope for those who want to make money out of commercial activities. Importing goods from other countries and reselling them in your country may save you a wide margin in sales. As we all know that China is the leading producer and supplier of consumer goods around the world. Also the goods purchased from Chinese wholesale manufacturers are very low at cost due to advanced technology and mass production. The only trouble that most aspirants face is how to source from China and how to timely procure supplies at the time of shortage? Cloud Sourcing is the answer to your curiosities.  It plays a vital role in hassle free buying and selling of goods online. With a cloud sourcing system order management becomes easy while importing from other countries. Noviland is one of the best Sourcing platforms which helps you throughout your deals from importing to reselling in the USA market. It works as a common platform to content vendor and manufacturer.

A good sourcing company helps you in many ways and saves you time to focus on other important things in your business that need to be taken care by you. Noviland assists you  in numerous ways in order to organize your deals without much stress.

Coordinating with the manufacturer: With a cloud sourcing company it becomes easier to co-ordinate with the manufacturer even when you are carried with too much work load. The sourcing company takes care of all the procurement related requirements of your product that you are selling by an E-commerce medium. You just need to let them know the quantity of potential orders.

Keeping alternatives before hand: Your sourcing company also takes care of fulfilling any crises situation by keeping alternative manufacturers as an option. Just in case when your manufacturer is not able to deliver the required quantity till the deadline keeping other manufacturers as an option may save the situation at any exigency.

Timely delivery at the FBA Centers: They even Deliver your order at your nearest FBA or a place of your choice. Hence, it becomes easier for you to courier those products to your customers without taking much pain. It saves you time energy and fuel required to transport your shipped order form the dock to your desired location.

Keeping up with cargo services: They also keep in touch with the cargo services to timely load the orders at the time of inflation in demand. Specially before the CNY it becomes hard to procure orders from China due to rush and excessive orders from all over the world. So collaborating with a good sourcing company makes you troubles a cake walk.


Delivery  of quality products: Even if you access the dealing virtually with an cloud sourcing system the sourcing company ensures the delivery of desired product that doesn’t drop back in terms of quality. They only go ahead after proper scrutinizing the manufacturing unit and their products.

Fair dealing: Your sourcing company will ensure that you and your manufacturer sign a written agreement to avoid any misconceptions later. Also they keep you in loop while doing any conversation with the manufacturer of your product. They also ensure that the payment against the orders is made to the right person by paying the money to the actual manufacturer of the product but not any intermediaries. In this way they maintain transparency in the deal.

How do you make efficient deals with  us?

By saving time and effort: A sourcing company saves you a lot of time and energy that you can utilize in other important tasks of your business. By availing all the procurement and sourcing related requirements they make your business least complex. All you need to take care of is order management. Just manage your orders online with your sourcing company and rest is taken care by your procurement agency.

By availing the right product: They also ensure to deliver the right product to you . By keeping an account of all your requirements in the very beginning we avoid the chance of conflict between you and the manufacturer at the time of delivery. By matching those with the sample products with your standards we ensure the right and quality product is delivered to you.

By finding the right manufacturer: They find the right manufacturer for you who would be able to manufacture the right product for you at the right time. They analyze the manufacturing capacity, and technology used by the manufacturing company.

By saving you from shortcomings: They keep in regular touch with the manufacturer to place the orders on time, they also place advance orders to avoid any shortcomings. Placing orders with multiple manufacturers actually helps at the time of high demand or when the product is nearly out of stock. Due to pre-vetted contacts with Chinese manufacturers it becomes easier for them to approach any of them in no time.

By delivering your order at your desired location: You can get your order delivered at your nearest FBA center if you are reselling your products at Amazon or you may get it delivered at a location of your choice from where  it is easy for you to send them to your customers.


All time assistance: They give you all time assistance at any point of the deal whenever you want, they alter plans according to your satisfaction and intimate you with every piece of knowledge regarding your contract with the manufacturer.

Hire Noviland as your cloud sourcing partner and find the best wholesale manufacturing companies without stepping out of USA.


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