chinese manufacturers with good reviews

How To Find Chinese Manufacturers With Good Reviews

Wholesale of Chinese items has the huge potential in business these days . China manufactures are famous worldwide for production of consumer goods at an extensive rate. Consumer goods like office supplies, sports products, clothing, frozen foods and personal computers. Large businesses from all over the world import goods from china due to their fine quality and extremely cheap price. But the challenge is to find Chinese manufacturers with good reviews. When it comes to making business abroad one should be very cautious. Reasonable prices, advanced technology and fascinating range of products looks like a great deal and it is just a click away as Noviland feeds all your curiosities by serving you with every single detail about the Chinese manufacturers that can deliver you the desired products. We get you the best deals at fair prices from Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. From getting quotes , to importing your order, we take the whole responsibility on our shoulders to serve you the best. We have around 2500+ pre-vetted companies working with us also we own a renowned place in Chinese market due to which chances of fraudulent are absolutely not there with us. With the help of our highly proficient team we scrutinize each and every detail about the potential supplier for you.

Few things to scrutinize while choosing a Chinese manufacturer:

Read the reviews online: Before contacting any random Chinese manufacturer online do your research and try to find reviews about that manufacturer. Think of dealing further only if the reviews of that manufacturer are positive. Reviews are the best way to know about the manufacturer as these are not biased and posted by real customers.

Go by references: References by the people who have been importing from similar manufacturers. It can be the best way  to get  to the manufacturer who is tried and tested by someone already.

Inspect about the manufacturing unit: Try and inspect about the manufacturing unit as much as you can, as many suppliers pretend to be the manufacturers while someone else is the actual manufacturer of the products offered. It is very necessary  to find an authentic manufacture otherwise it may cost  you huge amount of money. We inspect the manufacturing company by visiting or video conferencing to make sure if it really does what it promises.

Know about the supply chain: You must know about the supply chain that the manufacturer is following to deliver you’re the product you require. This chain includes all the activities, developments, information and people involved in the process while the product reaches from manufacturer  to the customer.

See if the price is suitable to you: You should find the best possible manufacturer that offers you the most economical and beneficial deals. Due to the presence of multiple suppliers it becomes difficult to find the most economical and authentic manufacturer. With the help of a sourcing company like Noviland it becomes easy to get the best deals from the most authentic suppliers.

Manufacturing capacity: Knowing about the manufacturing capacity of the manufacturing unit is very important as estimate how much time is it going to take to deliver your order. We do the calculations for you and enquire about the manufacturing capacity as well as the product quality of  the company.

For more details, check out our website and know more about our services.


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Clothing Manufacturers In China

How To Find Best Clothing Manufacturers In China?

China is the leading producer and exporter of almost every type of consumer goods worldwide. There is abundance of clothing manufacturing companies in china. It has a vast market of wholesale clothing items where they deal internationally and sell their products at very low prices. Business  which import clothing items from china earn huge profits by reselling the Chinese fabric at vast margins. Due to mass production and cheaper labor china produces consumer goods at extreme cheap rates hence, it becomes the ground for businessmen to import from china and resell their products. To approach clothing manufacturers in China it is necessary to find the right manufacturer first. Although it is difficult but possible to find trustable suppliers in china. You only need to do some homework to get to the right one. Noviland sources for you the products from the best economical and trustable suppliers and saves you from the unnecessary hassle.

Few ways to find the right clothing manufacturing companies in China are:

Online B to B sellers: There are few online wholesale stores like Ali Baba and Made in China, that offer Chinese products for bulk purchase. Chinese manufacturers often use these online stores to promote their goods. One can place bulk order and resell it in stores

Trade fairs: Approaching Chinese suppliers in international or national trade fairs is also a good way to meet and identify a trustable supplier. In this way, you can also have a look at the sample products that they are offering.

Procurement agencies: Getting in touch with a  procurement agency or a sourcing agent is the best possible way to just get rid of all the headache and find the best suitable, economical and trustable supplier in China. Dealing with the help of a third party sourcing company you remain at lowest risk of fraudulent. At Noviland, our highly proficient team easily identify trustable suppliers by inquiring about their manufacturing chain, product and manufacturing unit.

Search on Google: By searching on Google you may find a list of Chinese manufacturers but you will have to inspect if those are legitimated Chinese manufacturing units. Most companies pretend to be the manufacturers while actually being a mediator as supplier.

To find the most appropriate and trustable clothing manufacturing companies in China, Contact Noviland, Check our website to know about  our services and how we work.


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china manufacturing products

7 Best Selling China Manufacturing Products

China is the leading Manufacturer of consumer products worldwide. Through cheap labor and mass production of consumer goods the cost incurred in manufacturing process comes very less. Importing products from china and reselling them is very popular among businessmen around the world these days. China manufacturing products are high in quality as well as low in cost as Chinese manufacturers follow a revamped manufacturing chain. Noviland helps you to find the most trustable suppliers and manufacturers in china. We assist you throughout  the deal until you get the finished product of your own choice. Our proficient staff also deals with the language issues that occur while dealing with a Chinese supplier. We have more than 2500 pre-vetted companies working with us due to which there is no chance of fraudulent during the deal. We get you the most economic and suitable suppliers that helps you increase your business and fulfill your customers’ requirements on time.

Here is a list of 7 best selling products manufactured in china:

1. Mobile Phones: China is most famous for producing mobile phones at lowest cost. Let’s take I phone for example, the per unit cost estimated to make I phone in the US was $100 but in China it was reduced till $8. Isn’t that astonishing? Due to high technology and mass production of parts of phone the total cost incurred to make one phone turned out to be very less.

2. Machinery: The complex machineries used in medical procedures are high in price everywhere around the world but in China the price is comparatively very low and It is highly profitable for people who buy such machines from china and resale them in their country. It actually doubles up the margins.

3. Computers: In china around 300 million personal computers are manufactured every year. China is peerless in case of manufacturing personal computers and exporting it worldwide. Due to Chinese products the whole world can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology without even spending much.

4. Air Conditioners: Air conditioners are also widely produced in china Midea, Haier, Gree and chigo are the leading brands of AC units manufactured in China. Many AC Brands lost their market due to introduction of Chinese AC brands.

5. Shoes: With the help of online websites it has become very easy to buy Chinese manufactured products. Distinct designs and minimal price of shoes looks like a Christmas sale on Chinese websites. Many Whole sellers in the international market import shoes from china and earn a hundred times more than the actual cost incurred.

6. Apparels: Apparels that are high in trend can easily be found with Chinese manufacturers as they process manufacturing at a huge scale right at the time when a new trend is introduced. For whole sellers it can be a great deal to import apparels from china and resell them in their own country.

7. Solar cells: China is the largest producer and installer of solar panels around the world. It is also an extensive user of solar energy , specially at the places where there is no regular supply of electricity, solar water heaters are highly used nowadays. Chinese solar panels are 10-20% cheaper than the brand from other countries. Almost 56% of exports of solar panels around the world is done by china every year.

To find the best manufacturers and suppliers in China and a hassle free deal contact Noviland on your website and leap up your business.


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how to negotiate with chinese manufacturers

How to Negotiate With Chinese Manufacturers?

Most of us step back when it is about buying from foreign suppliers and manufacturers due to the prevalence of fraudulent in online business dealings. specially countries like China where people prefer talking to the one who is familiar with their language, it becomes hard to find out who is true to their words. Also, price dealing becomes a major challenge when the two parties can’t communicate properly with each other. Hence, one doesn’t understand how to negotiate with Chinese manufacturers. Noviland fills the gap between the buyer and the producer by taking care of all your requirements and availing you the best products from the Chinese market at very economical rates. We do all the work on your behalf and save you so much time and energy. We are associated with 25000 pre-investigated manufacturers in China which enables us to make quick deals without spending time in research. Noviland gives you a business to business platform for people who would want to import from China.

How does Noviland make your struggle easy?

Taking note of your requirements: We take all your requirements and specifications of the product on paper to avoid any type of confusion at the time of production. This document also serves as proof of your requested product.

Find a similar product manufacturer: After understanding your requirements we find the manufacturers who manufacture the same product. Then we shortlist the on the basis of budget and product quality.

Get quotes: After shortlisting we ask the manufacturers to send you quotes. and you let us know which one suits you best.

scrutinize the manufacturing unit: We inspect the manufacturing unit to ensure if it does exist in real or just a mediator between supplier and manufacturer.

Avail samples: We avail you samples of your product so that an early improvisation could be done just in case.

Get a signed agreement between buyer and seller: We make sure that a written agreement is signed between both the parties to avoid any type of conflict between them in future.

Ensure secure payment: We ensure a secure payment to the original equipment manufacturer against the products.

Deliver the final goods to you: After manufacturing, we ensure safe and timely delivery of your product at anyplace you wand and at FBA warehouses.

If you are looking for the finest manufacturers in China, contact Noviland.


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Find The Right Manufacturer

Avoid Contrariety And Find The Right Manufacturer In China

Finding the right supplier for business is oftentimes a huge dilemma. Specially in another country like China, it becomes even more difficult since most people don’t understand their language. China, unlike other countries, is an impeccable country which does mass production of a variety of goods and exports them. Mass production results in low cost which is why biggest businesses worldwide import from China. For a successful business, it is wise to import goods from abroad only and only if you know how to find a manufacturer. Moreover, if you are aspiring to make a business from China you must know how to find a manufacturer in China. Not to worry as Noviland facilitates all you want. We are the sourcing agency which works for businessmen/women like you. We search, shortlist research and approach the right manufacturer on your behalf. We also ensure timely delivery of your desired product. We are sourcing from our more than 2500 pre-vetted factories in China.

How do we bring the right manufacturer to you and get you a fair deal?

Search: We first search for the manufacturers who manufacture a similar product of your choice.

Shortlist: After getting similar results we shortlist the best out of those and research about them.

Approach: After researching we let you know the filtered names, then we approach the ones you like to do business with.

Get free Quotes: We ask for free quotes for you on your behalf to the manufacturers whom we have selected.

Place an order: After taking details and specifications about the product that you want, we choose the economic and best product and place the order with the manufacturer.

Keep Record: We keep a record of all the conversations and signed agreement between you and the manufacturer.

Get free Sample: We avail for you the free samples of the product that you have ordered. It enables you to give your feedback about the product and implement your suggestion to further manufacturing.

keep Up with the manufacturer: We keep in touch with the manufacturer at all times by seeking daily and weekly progress report and keeping you in the loop all the time.

Keep You Updated: We keep you updated with the manufacturing process at all times also send you the related documents and keep you in the loop in all conversations with the manufacturer.

Ensure Secured Payment: We ensure a secure payment to the original manufacturer and make sure there are no intermediaries.

Deliver Desired Products: We match the finished product with your stated specifications and then get it delivered to you. You always have a choice to make the payment when your order is shipped or at the time of delivery.

For more details check out our website or call on our number.


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how to source form china

How To Source Products From China? Noviland Dwindles The Hassle

There are products in the international market that you must be yearning to possess in your business. But the main challenge while dealing abroad is that huge amount of fraudulent in the market exist these days. You can’t be sure of the quality, cost, and appearance of the product without seeing it. Also traveling abroad and getting your purchase shipped takes a lot of money and time that may double up your expenses. China being the sovereign of mass production around the world serves a variety of products at minimum prices. Hence, it seems like a great supplier for most of your demands. Due to cliché details, it is hard to contact the dealers in China. To get the right product imported one must know, how to source from China? Noviland eases out the issue by acting as a sourcing manager and taking up all the stress on its own. We take up all the challenges to find out the desired product by the client and meeting his expectations by delivering the quality order at relatively economic prices in the international market.

How to Source From China? Expert Tips 

How do we get you the right product from the right manufacturer:

Get quotes:  We listen to your details and try to find a similar product in the international market. After getting the matching results we make a list of such suppliers and manufacturers and avail you quotes from them.

Find a dependable supplier: We help you to find the most dependable suppliers possibly from our pre-vetted suppliers or by inspecting the suitable suppliers.

Research about the supplier: Inspection and research about the selected supplier is necessary to ensure if the supplier is the real manufacturer and not a conciliator. We intensely scrutinize the supplier as much as possible with the help of video conferencing, visiting the factory and by checking the reviews of their former customers. Only a source manager can make the things happen with ease.

State your demand clear: One should keep the details of the product clear, details pertaining to the material, quality, cost, and appearance of the product should be clearly stated before placing an order. We keep a record of the emails and documents which tell about the specifications you want in your product so that it would be easier to compare the expectations with the finished product.

Receive Samples: We avail the sample product for you to ensure the anticipated quality and appearance of the product ordered. You may suggest rectification if needed to avoid the mistakes while production of bulk order.

Documentation is necessary: Everything about the deal should be in black and white and signed by both the parties. It saves you from losses if anything goes wrong. We provide the copy of these agreements to both the parties as it is in the interest of both.

Scrutinize daily progress reports: We ask for a daily progress report from the manufacturer to monitor the everyday process and keep a check on discrepancies. Keeping in regular touch with the supplier makes it sure that the quality of your product is not compromised.

Monitor transit: We fetch you the tracking ID of your shipment to furnish you with easy access to the location of your order in transit. You can easily get your products at FBA without any hassle.

Secure payment: We ensure a secured payment and receipt by OEM(Original Equipment Manager). The payment can be done after the shipment of your order or at the delivery to your maximum satisfaction.

Hire a professional or contact a procurement agency: Hiring a procurement agency makes the process way smoother and hassle-free as the professionals don’t just go by words of the person talking on the phone they’d rather intensely inspect the supplier by visiting or by video conferencing to ensure the actual production taking place. sometimes suppliers online are not the actual manufacturers of the product. They subterfuge people by claiming themselves as the original manufacturers. We as a procurement agency save you from dealing with forged suppliers and make you deal with the right ones. We do authentic work by keeping the proof of all the documents and contracts. We abide by law and order of another country as well to ensure a precise deal.

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What to Expect When Working with an Online Sourcing Platform

If you’ve been running your business for some time, or even if you’re new, one thing is certain – sourcing your products through a quality manufacturer is one of the first tasks you need to tackle. There are many options, doing the research and sourcing the manufacturers yourself, going through a huge (and often unreliable) marketplace like Alibaba, or the faster, simpler way, using an online sourcing and purchasing platform like Noviland to connect you with over 2,000 vetted manufacturers.

Curious how working with Noviland works? Here is the process:

Sign up and Log in Sign up for a free account at

Log into the platform.

Request a Quote

Submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) in the platform with detailed specifications. This can include specific materials, colors, packaging, your own product specs, and links to similar products you are looking to source and purchase. Quotes are normally returned to you within 5-6 business days. You will be notified via the email you provided when your quote is ready to review.

Quotes are stored in the platform and you can message Noviland directly in the platform to address any questions you may have about the products. You will be assigned to a team that will work with you and the factory to streamline all processes, including an Account Manager to push along the process in the US, a Product Specialist in China that addresses product-specific communications, and the Factory Specialist who interacts directly between the factory and Noviland.

Place a Sample Order

You may order multiple samples to ensure the quality and specs are what you are expecting. Once the sample order is placed, the item gets delivered to the Noviland China office. Noviland will inspect it, take detailed pictures, and ship it out to you promptly. This allows samples to be grouped together and saves you shipping and tracking costs.

Once received, you can let Noviland know if the sample is approved as is, or if you would like any alterations to the sample.

Select a Shipping Method and Place the Order

Once the product is approved, you may place the official order through the platform. Noviland provides consolidated shipping (which is fairly unique) which means if you’re sourcing several products from Noviland, they’re shipped to Noviland’s consolidation warehouse in China and shipped together (which helps you maximize shipping savings!) Once items are placed in the

same larger order, Noviland provides dynamic pricing and a visual showing how much of an actual container is filled. This means you’re able to adjust the quantities in the system and actually see how much you’d save at different ordering quantities. Noviland also provides various methods of shipping.

If you are an Amazon Seller, you can get the order delivered to Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) warehouses and Noviland is partnered with a freight forwarder that offers amazing pricing.

Once you’ve selected a shipping method and placed the order, you will receive updates directly in the platform for production oversight, quality control reports, and shipping tracking. You can even place quick reorders there too. Your Account Manager is also available for any questions you may have.

That’s all there is to it! Lead times vary from 30 days for simple, smaller items, or can be up to 95 days for larger more complex items, so be sure to factor that time into your process.

Have questions about getting started? Give Noviland a call today! (800) 835-8601.

Micah Malinics

Case Study: Kuratere with Micah Malinics

Recently, Noviland interviewed Micah Malinics co-owner of Merch Dudes, an eCommerce management and educational platform that launches online brands and develops systems to increase efficiency and scalability for small online eCommerce sellers. Their most recent launch was their home furnishing brand, Kuratere ( They used Noviland to source their current inventory of products for that brand.

Read on for the full interview!

Which products do you currently sell that are sourced by Noviland?

Kuratere is brand new, and the first product we sourced through Noviland was our bamboo coasters. With the success of that product, we are currently prototyping three more products to expand our inventory. With Noviland’s quality control and specific attention to detail for our packaging and product instructions, we had tremendous success with our first order. We were marked an “Amazon’s Choice” product within the first week of launch and have received over a dozen 5-star reviews for the quality and build of the product.

Had you tried other sourcing companies, or did you try to source products on your own?

I did extensive research into other sourcing companies and individual sourcing, but turned away due to the difficulty, risk and steep learning curve other companies required. One of the biggest incentives to me was Noviland’s ability to ship Delivered Duty Price, meaning all prices are shown upfront on the platform, there weren’t any hidden fees or tariffs to surprise me after the fact. With that, they take care of all the international shipping arrangements, and customs. That freed me to invest more time in my products and building a brand, and less time having to deal with trade, tariffs and customs headaches.

What do you like about using Noviland?

I love the ease of use and attention to detail that Noviland provides. It’s fantastic to be able to send them product descriptions, dimensions and sample photos, and have them match those specifications to a tee. Additionally, I love that they take care of the hassle of quality control and determining the best shipping arrangements.

How has Noviland helped your business?

Noviland has allowed our business to scale faster and easier without the need to add more personnel. They allow us, the business owners, to spend more time developing our brand, marketing, and products, giving us the freedom to not worry about the logistics and difficulty in sourcing. As companies like Square and Shopify have allowed small businesses to grow with less overhead and more ease of use, sourcing through Noviland allows us to run and grow a business in a simplicity that was unprecedented a decade ago.

Would you recommend other businesses use Noviland? Why?

I would highly recommend Noviland for Amazon Sellers and eCommerce users whether they are new or already established. Noviland is without a doubt the safest and lowest risk option we have found. They take a lot of the learning curve out of sourcing and are very helpful with customer service. For larger entrepreneurs or those who own businesses looking to scale, Noviland is great at enabling you to spend less time in logistics and more time in product development. We can request quotes, receive samples, give feedback, and place orders, while Noviland handles the rest. Additionally, they have great quality control to ensure that our customers never receive faulty or inaccurate products.

In closing, is there anything else you would like to share about working with Noviland?

As entrepreneurs who not only sell products, but also coach others to launch their own brands, Noviland is a fantastic partnership for us. We are excited to be launching more products in our line exclusively with Noviland and plan to build them into our curriculum as a go-to choice for an online supplier.


Chinese New Year and Your Business

Have you planned your purchasing around Chinese New Year? If you are new to working with manufacturers in China, you may not be aware of the massive shutdowns that occur during this holiday season. Chinese New Year takes place on February 5th, 2019, however, the celebrations are a week long, factories shut down for the ten days prior to the holiday, and at least a week after to allow families to travel. Many factory workers move away from their home town and work constantly, so this trip home may be the only break they get to see their family all year. It’s hard for most of us to imagine our companies shutting down for almost a month, but in China, it’s common practice. With this extended holiday period, nothing will ship during the window of approximately January 15-February 25, 2019. Add more time if your product requires materials from multiple other Chinese manufacturers to create.

Shutdown Timeline

January 15 – factory workers start leaving to travel home

February 1-15 – administrative and salespeople take two weeks off

February 5 – Chinese New Year

February 15-20 – factories get up and running again

February 25 – orders start shipping

Planning for the Shutdown

How can you plan for this shutdown? The first step is to be prepared. Take a look at your inventory and your projected sales to see how much product you will need in stock through at least April 1, 2019, and order that amount. Second, get your orders in as soon as possible, before 2019. The earlier the better.

The caveat of all of this is that you are at the whim of the factory. Problems often arise during this time for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Factories don’t always follow the “first-come, first-served” rule. They may prioritize a bigger order, VIP customer, or repeat customer.
  • Defects are often higher as factories are in crunch time trying to process as many orders as possible before the holiday, then they are catching up on the backlog after the holiday.
  • Congestion at the shipping ports can sometimes mean your shipping container doesn’t make it on its designated freight, and gets delayed.

How Noviland Can Help

Fortunately, if you get your order in on time, and work with Noviland, many of these issues can be avoided. Since Noviland has solid working relationships with the manufacturers, is considered a repeat customer, and has a working team on the ground in China, orders are normally at a higher priority status. Also, Noviland staff in China can help with quality control issues, and detect defects before anything ships to you. Quality inspectors can even send you photos along the production process. Finally, Noviland can help consolidate your shipping from multiple factories into one shipping container, simplifying the process for you. Noviland also knows which freight lines are the most reliable, and least likely to offload a promised order, or can suggest alternative shipping methods depending on your product.

Ready to speak with Noviland for help with your order before the holiday? Call us at 800-835-8601 or sign up today!