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The Next Big Thing in China Manufacturing

After successfully conquering the manufacturing markets of several countries, China is now gearing up for a much larger game plan which is called ‘Made in China by 2025’. China is already a superpower by investing in every sector of business including technology, networks, education, and infrastructure and now embarking on the path of the next phase of the digital revolution waiting to happen.

The game plan 2025 strategy was announced in the year 2015 with the intention to boost the manufacturing revolution and it includes areas like smart appliances and high-quality consumer electronic goods. The motivation behind this effort is to make China from a manufacturing house to a manufacturing giant in 10 years down the line.

The transition of China manufacturing from phase 2.0 to phase 4.2

The era of low-cost development is going to end in the country and now it is making way to a high tech development. China is in the process of raising the bar and it will bring a vehement change in their products and services. The country is making serious efforts to change its original copycat image and this led to the coming of many more changes in the process.


This transition phase is also called the 4.2 phase which is a shift from the 2.0 phase when China was emerging as an economic power. This 4.2 development phase is what represents the country’s future. In this phase of industrial development, the emphasis will be on healthcare, artificial intelligence, logistics, intelligent finance, public services, transportation, education and this will help the country to cater to the ever demanding consumer market both at domestic level and in overseas. This will be the cornerstone of the next big phase of development in China.

China wants to be highly competitive by the time around 2035 through their efforts in increasing the efficiency in production and innovation.

What statistics claim?

According to World Bank reports, manufacturing in China covers as much as 40 percent of total GDP in 2017. China is expected to maintain this trend by investing in the manufacturing sector starting in 2025. At the same time, it is also noteworthy to see that its investments in other industrial spheres also proved very successful.

According to reports released by GSMA, the highest regulatory body that controls the interests of mobile network operations globally, China is aiming to become a superpower to enhance production activities and building efficiencies by organizing and introducing automation into manufacturing processes.

As this policy is emanated from the government, the general opinion is that China will be unstoppable in the coming years. The country is expected to occupy 4.1 billion of the world’s industry in IoT in 2025 as GSMA predicts.

Investing in infrastructures, Narrowband IoT’

China has always been showing an inclination towards investing in the infrastructure sector with the aim of a secured future. A leading global management consulting and professional firm ACCENTURE has stated that China’s infrastructural investment could contribute $ 196 billion to the cumulative growth of GDP in the manufacturing sector alone for the next 15 years.

When it comes to network deployment, the country is aiming to integrate 600 devices to what is called ‘Narrowband IoT’ by the year 2020. China favors this technology because of various advantages associated with it such as broader rang facility, low power consumption, enhanced network security, and reliability etc. It is already in the process of implementing this digital infrastructural renovation projects in order to accomplish its objectives.

Laying the foundations for future

These faster network deployments will lay the foundation of the country’s future success by allowing the consumer and industry users to enjoy the benefits by using these connected solutions.

China has matured over the years by learning from its mistakes in the past. Now it has diverted its energy towards investing in manufacturing products to the international standard rather than only focusing on the Chinese standard.

China is also investing in smart city projects introducing several advanced solutions to solve real-world problems such as creating public awareness about conservation of energy and Municipal Corporation etc. The country has already started installing smart water meters in 2017 which has been a success.

Narrowband IoT networks have already been installed in approximately 30 Chinese cities. The future global city will feature a smart environment with the assimilation of technologies such as the internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy methods.

Software development

ios developers in china

The country has a flourishing developer community and it is attracting more and more global talents for the development of software because without software, smart devices will be of no use. Many such IoT startups have come into being in recent years to encourage the rise of developers. According to reports provided by Apple, it has more than 2 million IoS developers in China and a great number of IoT solutions providers.

Final insight

So, the country’s intensive focus on the infrastructure of network and technology, innovation-friendly attitude and a growing community of highly talented and experienced developers enable it to rapidly moving towards a giant superpower. China manufacturing has come a long way as you have seen and now it has entered into a matured phase and a vigorous expansion plan has been formulated to achieve the dream of becoming a world power in every sphere of business.

In terms of expenditure in research and development sector, the plan 2025 has offered assistance to ten different industries which include the IT sector, hi-tech ships, and eco-friendly cars. So these industries will get preferential treatment over others and will be the trendsetters in the coming years.


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The Truth About Sourcing From China Yourself

If you are an Amazon FBA seller, or any seller of online goods, you’ve surely heard people talk about sourcing their products from China. Maybe they’ve even told you it’s cheapest to deal with the factories directly, avoiding any middlemen. Here are several reasons why sourcing from China yourself is a bad idea.


Chinese factories tend to have different rules for local Chinese businesses versus American-based businesses. For instance, when negotiating a price, they may come down in price, but omit the detail that the decrease in price will result in a lower quality manufacturing process or materials. Or, the price may go up at the last minute due to “rising costs” of the materials. Or, the quote was actually for the original bare bones product, not your final product which has a custom logo and packaging. Contracts between US buyers and Chinese factories are often quite vague, and don’t go into the nitty-gritty details of the product. This lack of detail makes it difficult for you to enforce any issues that come up down the road with your product. And, once they have your money, they likely won’t respond to your inquiries.

Other risks include not having eyes on the production and quality control process. Unless you are willing to fly to China to oversee your product’s manufacturing process, the first time you will see your product is when it arrives fully produced months later. It may or may not be to your satisfaction, and there’s not much you can do about it at that point. Another big risk is the factory getting completely shut down mid-production. This results in not only lost time and money, but now you have to start the vetting and negotiating process all over again with a new factory.

Time-Consuming Headaches

If the risks haven’t raised a few red flags for you, the reality of the time it takes to work with a Chinese factory is astounding. The first headache is simply a language barrier. While many account managers do speak English, it is not their native language, and can cause some confusion for both of you. There is also the time difference to deal with – China is 13 hours ahead of our Eastern Standard Time Zone, so most of the day you will be completely off of their workday schedule. You may also receive communications on multiple channels like WeChat, Skype and email, and will need to keep very close track of your correspondence with them.

The other rather large headache is finding the right factory in the first place. You need to know what they specialize in manufacturing, what their reputation is, how they fare pricing-wise, what their turn-around times are, and what shipping methods they use. That can be a full-time job in itself.

There is an easy solution around all of these risks and headaches, and that is to go with a trusted advisor that knows how to do sourcing business in China.


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How To Get Smart Strategic Sourcing Solution In USA

Small businesses in the USA are increasingly using technology across disciplines to grow, attract top talents, and sell their respective products and services. Thus the need for strategic sourcing solutions is also growing day by day. These 3 S implies an approach to supply chain management that formalizes the way in which the information is gathered, transferred and used for the benefit of an organization. Through this, an organization can leverage its consolidated purchasing power to find the best possible values in the marketplace. Strategic sourcing requires an overall analysis of an organization such as what it buys, who are its target customers, etc. and on that basis, a strategy is made to draw the benefit of an organization. Don’t confuse strategic sourcing with conventional sourcing. Strategic sourcing differs from conventional purchasing as it puts emphasis on the entire life-cycle of a product and not just its initial purchase price. Strategic sourcing also helps the procurement professionals to fulfill their dual roles for supply and cost management of the organization. Thus, it is very advantageous for a company to get strategic sourcing as a proactive, information-guided approach to procurement of a reactionary or fulfillment behavior of an organization.

Strategic sourcing software modules


For more unified sourcing management, agencies employ various strategic sourcing modules. These modules facilitate the approach more, by standardizing sourcing requirements and providing users with federated data technology. It helps in sharing information about products, markets, business needs, etc with the client organization in real time. Different organizations have different procurement software and are mostly sold within the enterprise resource planning system only. Sourcing management software makes it quick and easy to get the best market price for all goods and services rendered by an organization, removes barriers between sourcing and purchasing to run compliant process efficiently, such as the ability to score on specific attributes and weight scores, etc.

Benefits of sourcing management

While strategic sourcing is widely practiced in large and small scale organizations, fewer small and mid-size operators have discovered its value and explored how to implement this strategy in their own organizations. It’s not that large operators are the only ones who can stage and sustain a strategic sourcing initiative small organizations also entertain the benefits of it. Strategic solutions help an organization in the following ways:

Reduce and control procurement costs: By studying data and other negotiable capabilities of an organization, sourcing management helps in reducing and controlling procurement costs and increase the agility. It helps in eliminating the business’s overhead burden required to manage the suppliers’ lifecycle, analyze and access the information and their performance in the marketplace.

Maximize the value of every dollar of spend: An estimate of 70% of potential procurement can be achieved through strategic sourcing. In 2005, the government launched the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI), to offer federal agencies a way to purchase Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) equipment and supplies at below-current government market prices. This solution helps small business to streamlines product offerings and reducing the need for standalone agency contracts.

Streamline procurement options: Sourcing management helps in optimizing procurement processes and thereby maintaining fast and focused functions to run. This is because, without a mature and generalize strategic procurement function to influence, control and report organizational spending, it is impossible for an organization or a business to fully leverage its total purchasing power and create the value and service levels that are required from third party suppliers.

Build strong and trustworthy relations with existing and new vendors: Through detailed studies on the products, their existing market reputations and delivering the information in real time, it is very easy for an organization to build a strong a trustworthy relationship with the existing and new vendors. It also helps to increase and expand your business smoothly in a shorter period of time.

Processes involved with sourcing management

There are a number of processes through which a perfect strategic process should go. These processes are not only necessary but also make the management smooth and authentic.

Steps of strategic solution

Step 1: Determining the product: Understanding everything about the product is the first step in the strategic sourcing process. This means defining the category, the current quantity used, types and sizes, the end users of the product, are the processes used and involved in the supply chain, etc in the well-documented form.

Step 2: Analyzing the supply market: Identification of potential new global and local suppliers is the second important process for strategic sourcing. It is necessary as the study of cost components of the product or service helps in the suppliers marketplace to manage the risks and opportunities. Key raw material and other variables such as labor and transportation pricing and calculations are also important suppliers’ cost elements and are done in this phase only.

Step 3: Strategizing: Based on the above studies, there comes the need for strategizing the idea such as the cost, review management, supply prices, etc. Sometimes risks and uncertainty also involved business and strategizing through sourcing will definitely help you in deciding where to buy in order to minimize risk and costs thereby. Usually, a cross-functional project team works to study the dependency on real alternative suppliers, the competitiveness of the supplier in the marketplace and most importantly, whether the users are open for new suppliers of the product or not.

Step 4: Determining the sourcing process: The fourth important step necessary to determine what sourcing process one should carry for the procurement solution. This includes product and service specifications, delivery and service requirements, pricing breakdown, and other legal and financial terms and conditions, etc.

Step 5: Negotiating and selecting suppliers: A good strategic sourcing strategy conducts multiple rounds of negotiations to shortlist the suppliers. The final selection process is usually done by the team on the basis whether the supplier can provide maximum return or not and then signed off as per the approval process.

Step 6: Implementation and integration: After completion of all the above steps, then the phase of implementation takes place. The implementation programs sometimes vary depending on the degree of changes made throughout the process and then help to simplify the end result from the product.

Step 7: Tracking the results: Finally there comes benchmarking the end results that is after executing the strategy, it is essential to track whether it is beneficial for an organization or it needs to be modified more.

Where to get an ideal sourcing management service in the USA

Hiring a sourcing agency for a complete procurement solution makes it way smoother and hassle-free to run the business profitably. But how will you find an ideal one? To get the best and genuine sourcing application, you need to see the systematic and scalable means for the organization to manage the full sourcing process in a well-maintained manner. This may include contract management, supplier performance management tools, etc. Being a Sourcing agency, we will help you to get the right supplier by proper documentation and contracts and always follow the law and order of our as well as other countries.


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sourcing and procurement

Best Sourcing & Procurement Platform in USA

Along with the advancement in Innovation & Technology , E-commerce industry is growing by leaps and bounds. It holds a huge scope for those who want to make money out of commercial activities. Importing goods from other countries and reselling them in your country may save you a wide margin in sales. As we all know that China is the leading producer and supplier of consumer goods around the world. Also the goods purchased from Chinese wholesale manufacturers are very low at cost due to advanced technology and mass production. The only trouble that most aspirants face is how to source from China and how to timely procure supplies at the time of shortage? Cloud Sourcing is the answer to your curiosities.  It plays a vital role in hassle free buying and selling of goods online. With a cloud sourcing system order management becomes easy while importing from other countries. Noviland is one of the best Sourcing platforms which helps you throughout your deals from importing to reselling in the USA market. It works as a common platform to content vendor and manufacturer.

A good sourcing company helps you in many ways and saves you time to focus on other important things in your business that need to be taken care by you. Noviland assists you  in numerous ways in order to organize your deals without much stress.

Coordinating with the manufacturer: With a cloud sourcing company it becomes easier to co-ordinate with the manufacturer even when you are carried with too much work load. The sourcing company takes care of all the procurement related requirements of your product that you are selling by an E-commerce medium. You just need to let them know the quantity of potential orders.

Keeping alternatives before hand: Your sourcing company also takes care of fulfilling any crises situation by keeping alternative manufacturers as an option. Just in case when your manufacturer is not able to deliver the required quantity till the deadline keeping other manufacturers as an option may save the situation at any exigency.

Timely delivery at the FBA Centers: They even Deliver your order at your nearest FBA or a place of your choice. Hence, it becomes easier for you to courier those products to your customers without taking much pain. It saves you time energy and fuel required to transport your shipped order form the dock to your desired location.

Keeping up with cargo services: They also keep in touch with the cargo services to timely load the orders at the time of inflation in demand. Specially before the CNY it becomes hard to procure orders from China due to rush and excessive orders from all over the world. So collaborating with a good sourcing company makes you troubles a cake walk.


Delivery  of quality products: Even if you access the dealing virtually with an cloud sourcing system the sourcing company ensures the delivery of desired product that doesn’t drop back in terms of quality. They only go ahead after proper scrutinizing the manufacturing unit and their products.

Fair dealing: Your sourcing company will ensure that you and your manufacturer sign a written agreement to avoid any misconceptions later. Also they keep you in loop while doing any conversation with the manufacturer of your product. They also ensure that the payment against the orders is made to the right person by paying the money to the actual manufacturer of the product but not any intermediaries. In this way they maintain transparency in the deal.

How do you make efficient deals with  us?

By saving time and effort: A sourcing company saves you a lot of time and energy that you can utilize in other important tasks of your business. By availing all the procurement and sourcing related requirements they make your business least complex. All you need to take care of is order management. Just manage your orders online with your sourcing company and rest is taken care by your procurement agency.

By availing the right product: They also ensure to deliver the right product to you . By keeping an account of all your requirements in the very beginning we avoid the chance of conflict between you and the manufacturer at the time of delivery. By matching those with the sample products with your standards we ensure the right and quality product is delivered to you.

By finding the right manufacturer: They find the right manufacturer for you who would be able to manufacture the right product for you at the right time. They analyze the manufacturing capacity, and technology used by the manufacturing company.

By saving you from shortcomings: They keep in regular touch with the manufacturer to place the orders on time, they also place advance orders to avoid any shortcomings. Placing orders with multiple manufacturers actually helps at the time of high demand or when the product is nearly out of stock. Due to pre-vetted contacts with Chinese manufacturers it becomes easier for them to approach any of them in no time.

By delivering your order at your desired location: You can get your order delivered at your nearest FBA center if you are reselling your products at Amazon or you may get it delivered at a location of your choice from where  it is easy for you to send them to your customers.


All time assistance: They give you all time assistance at any point of the deal whenever you want, they alter plans according to your satisfaction and intimate you with every piece of knowledge regarding your contract with the manufacturer.

Hire Noviland as your cloud sourcing partner and find the best wholesale manufacturing companies without stepping out of USA.


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An Overview of the Sourcing & Procurement Strategy Adopted By Modern Organizations

Sourcing and procurement is an inevitable part of the global supply chain system. Sourcing is the process of finding or identifying a source from where an individual business will import its goods and services. It forms a part of the procurement process which pertains to the acquiring of goods and services in a less expensive manner. Sourcing involves analyzing and hiring independent businesses to supply products and services to other businesses. The procurement system refers to the process of obtaining those goods and services for a particular business. As businesses are becoming more and more focusing on their niche areas, it becomes imperative for organizations to take help of this Sourcing & Procurement strategy to enjoy a competitive advantage in the market.

It is a business strategy that if an individual business cannot do certain tasks efficiently then there is no harm taking help from an overseas manufacturer who can do the same task in a cost-effective way.

Various business firms always look out for options on how to maximize their production by reducing the overhead cost of business. They are in search of options which can add value to their products and services. If they find a company or manufacturer which can add value to their products they will outsource those companies to reap business profits.

Almost all the organizations do outsourcing at some stages of their business. Some companies even resort to product outsourcing their entire line of products and services to a third party provider.

The genesis

The trend of Sourcing & Procurement became prevalent in the decades of ’90s when organizations started outsourcing their lots of services from overseas suppliers. China emerged as the leading supplier of Sourcing & Procurement for companies across the world.

The primary goal of outsourcing was to minimize the growing production cost and to concentrate on the niche areas and to deliver the best. This trend received wide popularity and as the production cost is lower in China and it helped various businesses to put their feet in their respective markets. Business from all segments including the clothing, drug slowly adopted this trend to experience a huge success.

Strategic sourcing

Sourcing & Procurement plays a crucial role in streamlining the cost structure and competitiveness of small and large scale businesses. It involves evaluating the high-end purchases and developing long term ties with the suppliers which are capable of providing top class products and services at a much lower cost.

The need of Sourcing & Procurement


Organizations are variously challenged at different stages of their business. They deal with the rising level of competition, volatile market place, changing business models, the pressure to reduce the cost, fluctuating price and the low level of supply of raw materials. As a response to these problems, organizations often look for outsourcing options to decrease their overall production cost by exploring a new partnership in business, innovating new products and services. They opt for a total overhauling of their organizational structure to be able to respond in a better manner to the modern day market demands. Procurement plays a key role in all these activities and it is a standard business method, a recognized practice.

What statistics say about the recent trend of Sourcing & Procurement in the USA?

product sourcing

According to the findings of the renowned global procurement officer survey 2018, the cost is still dominated to be the top priority of the procurement leaders.

  • It is estimated that 78 percent of focus is rested on the reduction of cost. Further, it reveals that as growth is evident when it comes to saving performance.
  • From 2017 to 2018, the saving from procurement has grown from 58 percent to 61 percent in the year 2018.
  • This study also claimed that around 33 percent of procurement leaders believe that the coming of the digital procurement strategy will help them to better achieve their long term objectives and organizational values.
  • This study also reveals that organizations highly focus on technical procurement skills rather than any other areas. As much as 36 percent of procurement leaders consider their procurement function is very effective and think that it is highly needed for their internal business operations. They feel that procurement provides a true value to their business.
  • Around 45 percent of procurement leaders feel that their team if efficient to deliver on their procurement strategy which is a great advancement from the year 2017 when it was just 27 percent.

This is a reliable survey as it has created a benchmark in the field of procurement by taking into consideration of different challenges faced by procurement such as the changing dynamics of market, value and collaboration, leadership and talents and digital procurement method.

Digital procurement process or cloud computing

Cloud computing or digital procurement emerges as the most popular way of doing business. It is a well-established business practice in the United States. It refers to the process of receiving the in house IT services over the internet from a distant location rather than managing then independently with the in house team. It enable businesses to manage their operations from any time any location in the world.

In the field of procurement, there is a growing trend of adopting cloud computing services among both the public and private sectors.

  • If reports are to be believed, the spending on public cloud offerings is expected to see a growth of US$67 billion in 2015 to US$162 billion in 2020.
  • The Federal government’s spending is also expected to surpass US$10 billion by the year 2023.

The social and economic impact of sourcing and procurement in America

This trend of offshore Sourcing & Procurement is growing high in the United States and it influenced all the manufacturing and other industrial segments. It gives rise to a serious debate about the impact it has created on the society and the economy as a whole. Many individuals believe it has taken away jobs from the domestic market and causes a decline in the standard of living. While a section of proponents welcome this trend saying that it has offered great benefit to society by increasing the overall revenue of the businesses.

China as the leader in sourcing and procurement for businesses 

A huge number of businesses in America rely on China as their sourcing and procurement base and try to become a leader in the market place. China is viewed as the low-cost manufacturing hub as the production cost is quite low there. Automobiles, electronics and all other sectors of businesses are heavily relying on China Manufacturers to procure their materials.

Future of Sourcing & Procurement

The future of the Sourcing & Procurement industry is prosperous both from the point of view of a profession and as a business process. In the future, the whole supply chain industry will undergo many changes and digital technology will completely dominate the procurement process.

Many years ago, sourcing and global procurement was a foreign concept. But there are a lot of changes have come in the way that businesses are conducted nowadays. To deliver a sustainable business and reducing the cost in operations, global organizations are fast adopting this method for success.

Due to technological advancement, better accessibility to remote marketplaces is possible now and this is further contributed to the fact that those sourcing companies are no longer in dark. All the strategies are adopted to prevent any risk associated with the practice of sourcing and procurement.

Final insight

Sourcing & Procurement practices have always proved to be profitable for any business that faces tough competition. Nowadays it emerges as the top business practice among organizations. Companies who have successfully developed a strong relationship with the Chinese manufacturers adopt practices which cut down the operating cost of their business and improve the lead time. Businesses that have good knowledge about sourcing and procurement will find it easy to implement this practice and enjoy the bullion comes to their way.


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100 top selling products

The 100 Top Most Selling Product On Amazon, Here’s How To Find Them

Imagine being the seller of best selling products on Amazon. It is indeed a profitable deal but do you know how to find such product that you can afford to procure and resell and compete the pre existing competitors on Amazon? A good sourcing company like Noviland can actually help you to achieve your goal. By dealing with dependable Chinese manufacturer and timely sourcing of your demands at FBA. We spare you from deal with shortcomings at the time of high demand. Due to our pre existing grip on Chinese commerce wholesale we never fail to deliver to our clients on time. We get you the best prices because we buy direct from manufacturer China where consumer goods are mass produced at a very low cost due to upgraded technology and cheap workforce.

How to find the right product to sell

Listing on Amazon: The best thing about Amazon is that it provides list of its best selling products on Amazon and its users can utilize this information. If you will open up the website and scroll down you will see a list of best selling products would be given. You can choose to sell any of these products on Amazon keeping in mind all the other factors that can affect your sales.

amazon product listing

Product weight: Try and choose a product that weights under 3 pounds as it will spare your product from adding up with extra shipping charge. A product after adding up shipping charge may look unattractive or expensive to the customer , so the product must be having least shipping charge added with it.

Customer reviews: Most people like to buy the products after reading its reviews. They want to know the response of the real users of that particular products and want to be sure that the amount they are planning to spend on that product is not going down the drain. So make sure you have enough customer reviews below your product. in that case you can buy products from Chinese manufacturers with good reviews which will ensure good quality of your product and eventually you will get good customer reviews while selling them on Amazon.

Star rating: There is a five star rating scale to the right side of every product that clearly shows how many people have rated it up to what star count. You must have at least 20-30 ratings on your product. always choose to sell a product having good star ratings, because customer would be interested in buying the product that has been tried and tested and lived up to customers’ expectations.

Worthy price: Make sure that the price you are offering should not be more than the price offered by the competitors that are selling the same product. Even though the product is cheap it should be worthy of its price as the customer wouldn’t want to spend money on something that serves no use. For example most best sellers buy metal brackets in bulk from mass bracket manufacturer in China. Hence, they get those products at a very less price. Even if it is a best selling product on Amazon, it would not be profitable for you to sell the same product for more price than the competitors offer price. If you do offer an elevated price, the product should be high in quality to justify its price.

Focus on Consumer goods: Consumer goods have high potential to elevate your sales as, no matter what, these are demanded by the customer round the year. Try and choose consumer goods to sell these are very cheap due to mass production in China and can be timely imported with the help of our sourcing company without any hassle. Products like frozen foods, clothing, shoes etc are bought by people of all ages and from all regions.

Seasonal Products: Try and avoid selling the product that is in demand for a certain period of time and the sales graph goes down once this period is expired. For example, umbrellas are high in demand during monsoon and jackets are mostly in demand in winters. Choose a product that is in demand round the year to maximize your sale. due to our pre-vetted contacts in Chinese market we can help you get the finest quality items at lowest price from clothing factories in china.

Fair fulfillment services: Avail the fulfillment services that actually work for you. FBA may not always be beneficial for you as to timely pick up, sort, pack, ship, track the orders. They also handle returns and refunds of the products sold to your customers. You may also contact other fulfillment agencies if FBA is not living up to your expectations. Such agencies would get the work done for you just in time.

Contact Noviland for an easy and profitable online reselling of Chinese products.


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How To Find Manufacturer & Supplier From China

For aspirants who want to start a business of their own by importing cheap and quality goods from China the only hurdle is to find an authentic supplier. It is difficult for anyone to find trustable producers mere by searching online. Sourcing Products from China is a brilliant idea to increase your margins in resale of Chinese products. As china has one of the most expanding mass production industry around the world and most business organizations want to import goods from there due to their high technology and extreme low prices. All you need to know is from where to source goods. Noviland is one of the most ideal spot to contact to ease off your problem by furnishing with details of the best suppliers and producers in China. Get in touch with us and we take care of the whole deal of yours with a Chinese supplier.

clothing manufacturer

Get Desired Product: Our team is highly proficient in dealing with Chinese suppliers as we are familiar with the language culture, Chinese wholesale market and production units. Due to our long experience in sourcing goods from china, we have harmonic relations with more than 20 Chinese Companies and we often get to do repeat business with them as per our clients’ requirements. We ask for sample of custom made products in order to ensure the quality of desired product.

Transparent Deal: We maintain regular touch with the producer as to know the progress in production process. We keep you intimated with all the records agreements and mails that are being sent or received from the producer. Like this we keep you updated about every single detail about the production, payment and delivery.

Secure Payment: We ensure secure payment to the actual manufacturer of the products. As due to existence of so many suppliers pretending to be the manufactures we do our proper research and make payment to the right person. Due to proper research about the manufacturer before placing the order also ensures a trusted deal. With the help of video conferencing and technology checks we give a hundred percent assurance of sourcing products from an authentic manufacturer.

Timely delivery: By keeping a record of production process and estimating delivery time before hand, we ensure timely delivery of your products. You can get those delivered at your warehouse or Amazon FBA warehouses. We also share you the transit identity code so that you would be able to trace your order after shipment.

Contact Noviland for easy sourcing of products from China. Browse through our website and get the contact details.


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chinese new year 2019

Chinese New Year 2019- For Sourcing and Manufacturing Industry

Chinese new year or CNY has a huge impact on global market as all the Chinese offices and manufacturing units keep closed for around two to three weeks during this time. CNY has no fixed date and it can come any time between January to February. Chinese New Year 2019 is on February 5th this time. By this time it becomes very important to have good understanding of things that happen during CNY. Getting in touch with a good cloud sourcing company may save you from the adverse effects of CNY on your business. As the manufacturers in china keep their offices and manufacturing units closed for a long holiday on CNY , it becomes important to timely procure or source products for your business from China because after shut down your order may be delayed for a long time and will make your business suffer. By proper planning and strategy you can spare your business from crisis. To source product made in China one must pre-plan the Chinese new year as it affects both manufacturer and buyer. Noviland is one of the most proficient cloud sourcing company to contact beforehand to avoid dealing with inadequacy at the time of CNY.

Issues faced by Chinese manufacturing companies during CNY

Too much hassle to meet the dead line: Due to bulk placement of orders before CNY holidays from different countries the manufacturers are in haste to meet the dead line. Most people place large orders in order to procure products for the time of shut down of Chinese whole sale market for around three weeks.

Too much Work load: There is too much rush to manufacture and ship the orders on time, which is why the work load right before CNY holidays. At this time the manufacturing process becomes faster and there is no scope for any mistake or compromise in quality.

Employees switching jobs: After log CNY holidays many workers switch jobs or they just don’t come back from home on the due date, hence the manufacturing companies suffer workforce crisis which consequently affects the manufacturing process. Usually the manufacturing capacity of these companies declines right after the CNY holidays. And the company takes time to find and hire new employees.

Delay in shipping the orders: Due to the rush and numerous orders to be shipped to different countries, it takes time to load the packages to the right vessel. Sometimes due to too much delay, the orders remain unshipped hence, it causes even more delay.

chinese manufacturer during chinese new year

How you should prepare your business for CNY?

All one needs to understand before a CNY shut down is that the Chinese offices and manufacturers are going to stay closed for two to three weeks. You just need to work your business according to that by taking few precautions in order to surpass the uncertainties. A good cloud sourcing company may help you accomplish your targets by handling all the complexities pertaining to manufacturing, shipment, delivery and payment etc.

Place larger orders: By placing large orders at least two to three months before the CNY depending upon the manufacturing capacity of the company and size of your order will let you receive the product on time. Larger orders placed in advance will help you procure the requirements of your clients even during and after the shut down.

Maintain harmonious relationship with the manufacturer: You can get yourself benefited in terms of quality and timely delivery of your products by maintaining good relations with your manufacturer. A sourcing agent will make the work easy for you by maintaining regular touch with your manufacturer while you will be busy taking care of your own business.

Get your order shipped and delivered before time: Get your orders delivered at least ten days before the CNY shut down takes place. Sourcing companies make sure that you receive your order right on time without any extra pains in head.

Do not compromise with quality: When the New year is approaching soon, most of the importers place large orders and manufacturing process is amplified due to that. Sometimes the quality is also compromised. To avoid receiving undesired products hire a sourcing agent and be sure of quality products delivered to you.

Plan for after CNY: Most of the work force comes from rural parts of china, and at the time of such long holiday few don’t come back on time or even switch jobs. In that case, manufacturers face a lot of problem finding new employees to keep the production in right pace.

Evaluate and plan to maintain the inventory: One should evaluate the quantity of inventory to be maintained during and after Chinese new year. And place the next order accordingly to avoid any lacuna.

Keep an alternative for last minute changes: One should not rely on just one supplier, you must have few more manufacturers in your list to whom you can contact at any point of time if the former one fails to deliver on time.

Contact Noviland as soon as possible to diminish the effect of CNY on your business.


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how to source from china

How Outsourcing From China Helps To Grow Your Business

It is a current practice prevailed in the United States and internationally to outsource products from China to minimize the cost of production and enjoy profits in business. Due to the growing rise of domestic market price, there is an increasing demand among organizations for overseas manufacturing. If you are clueless about how to source from China, we as a China sourcing company will help you to understand the concept better.

So why should you prefer to outsource from China?

  • Low-cost manufacturing

The overhead expense is higher with domestic manufacturers, so as their training cost and the turnover. But Chinese manufacturing costs are affordable making it suitable for various businesses.

  • Low labor cost

Outsourcing your products from China will enable you to enjoy the cheap labor without providing the training to the employees. Wages are surprisingly lower in China due to their low living standard and this adds to your saving.

  • Efficient production

When you are manufacturing your products in China, you will be working with state of the art factories, which are responsible for producing high quality products in industries with a huge supply. The scalability of their products is another factor that makes them popular.

  • Provides better diversification

Are you trying to expand your business by offering a new line of products or capturing new markets, but cannot find it possible with the existing domestic suppliers? With the help of Chinese manufacturers, you can see your dream getting realized. You can expand your product line and sell them in international markets easily.

  • Minimize the lead time in production

When you are outsourcing from a Chinese factory, there will no delay in production and the delivery of products. Because you will gets a fixed time starting from the order to the delivery of the products. But with a domestic supplier, things always get delayed and the cost increased eventually.

By ordering products at frequent intervals, you will have a consistent supply of products on time and your inventory will never go out of stock. Some of the manufacturing agencies do follow a minimum order but through proper negotiation with them, you can arrange more and more orders.

  • Production efficiency

Domestic manufacturing proves expensive for startup companies because of the high labor cost and this increases the rate of failure for such companies. But with Chinese manufacturing, they could save themselves through a low labor cost and avoiding other complications.

  • Expert duplication

The Copy Cat manufacturing that China adopts is of superior quality. They have the unique capability to create an exact duplicate copy of a product you are looking for with better accuracy level. So you can get high-quality duplicate products at cheap labor.

  • You should learn how to negotiate with Chinese manufacturers

With the coming of several technology tools, such as email, voice message, texts, and videos etc, you can easily to communicate and negotiate with the Chinese manufacturers. Nowadays, most of the factories recruit English speaking representatives which further make the communication process easier than before.

  • Finding a China sourcing company is crucial

By contacting us, you will acquire knowledge about how to source from China in a safe manner. We help you to connect with trusted factories to prevent any scam in your business. You can create high-quality products for your business by connecting to a community of manufacturing factories.

So in the present days, the success of your b2b ecommerce solution lies in outsourcing and there is no better country other than China for this.


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chinese manufacturers with good reviews

How To Find Chinese Manufacturers With Good Reviews

Wholesale of Chinese items has huge potential in business these days . China manufactures are famous worldwide for production of consumer goods at an extensive rate. Consumer goods like office supplies, sports products, clothing, frozen foods and personal computers are mass produced in China. Large businesses from all over the world import goods from China due to their fine quality and extremely cheap price. But the challenge is to find Chinese manufacturers with good reviews. When it comes to making business abroad one should be very cautious. Reasonable prices, advanced technology and fascinating range of products looks like a great deal and it is just a click away as Noviland feeds all your curiosities by serving you with every single detail about How to Negotiate with Chinese manufacturers that can deliver you the desired products. We get you the best deals at fair prices from Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. From getting quotes , to importing your order, we take the whole responsibility on our shoulders to serve you the best. We have around 2500+ pre-vetted companies working with us also we own a renowned place in Chinese market due to which chances of fraudulent are absolutely not there with us. With the help of our highly proficient team we scrutinize each and every detail about the potential supplier for you.

Few things to scrutinize while choosing a Chinese manufacturer:

Read the reviews online: Before contacting any random Chinese manufacturer online do your research and try to find reviews about that manufacturer. Think of dealing further only if the reviews of that manufacturer are positive. Reviews are the best way to know about the manufacturer as these are not biased and posted by real customers.

Go by references: References by the people who have been importing from similar manufacturers. It can be the best way  to get  to the manufacturer who is tried and tested by someone already.

Inspect about the manufacturing unit: Try and inspect about the  as much as you can, as many suppliers pretend to be the manufacturers while someone else is the actual manufacturer of the products offered. It is very necessary  to find an authentic manufacturer otherwise it may cost  you huge amount of money. We inspect the manufacturing company by visiting or video conferencing to make sure if it really does what it promises.

Know about the supply chain: You must know about the supply chain that the manufacturer is following to deliver you the product require. This chain includes all the activities, developments, information and people involved in the process while the product reaches from manufacturer  to the customer.

See if the price is suitable to you: You should find the best possible manufacturer that offers you the most economical and beneficial deals. Due to the presence of multiple suppliers it becomes difficult to find the most economical and authentic manufacturer. With the help of a china sourcing company like Noviland it becomes easy to get the best deals from the most authentic suppliers.

Manufacturing capacity: Knowing about the manufacturing capacity of the manufacturing unit is very important as to estimate how much time is it going to take to deliver your order. We do the calculations for you and enquire about the manufacturing capacity as well as the product quality of  the company.

For more details, check out our website and know more about our services.



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