Micah Malinics

Case Study: Kuratere with Micah Malinics

Recently, Noviland interviewed Micah Malinics co-owner of Merch Dudes, an eCommerce management and educational platform that launches online brands and develops systems to increase efficiency and scalability for small online eCommerce sellers. Their most recent launch was their home furnishing brand, Kuratere (kuratere.co). They used Noviland to source their current inventory of products for that brand.

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Which products do you currently sell that are sourced by Noviland?

Kuratere is brand new, and the first product we sourced through Noviland was our bamboo coasters. With the success of that product, we are currently prototyping three more products to expand our inventory. With Noviland’s quality control and specific attention to detail for our packaging and product instructions, we had tremendous success with our first order. We were marked an “Amazon’s Choice” product within the first week of launch and have received over a dozen 5-star reviews for the quality and build of the product.

Had you tried other sourcing companies, or did you try to source products on your own?

I did extensive research into other sourcing companies and individual sourcing, but turned away due to the difficulty, risk and steep learning curve other companies required. One of the biggest incentives to me was Noviland’s ability to ship Delivered Duty Price, meaning all prices are shown upfront on the platform, there weren’t any hidden fees or tariffs to surprise me after the fact. With that, they take care of all the international shipping arrangements, and customs. That freed me to invest more time in my products and building a brand, and less time having to deal with trade, tariffs and customs headaches.

What do you like about using Noviland?

I love the ease of use and attention to detail that Noviland provides. It’s fantastic to be able to send them product descriptions, dimensions and sample photos, and have them match those specifications to a tee. Additionally, I love that they take care of the hassle of quality control and determining the best shipping arrangements.

How has Noviland helped your business?

Noviland has allowed our business to scale faster and easier without the need to add more personnel. They allow us, the business owners, to spend more time developing our brand, marketing, and products, giving us the freedom to not worry about the logistics and difficulty in sourcing. As companies like Square and Shopify have allowed small businesses to grow with less overhead and more ease of use, sourcing through Noviland allows us to run and grow a business in a simplicity that was unprecedented a decade ago.

Would you recommend other businesses use Noviland? Why?

I would highly recommend Noviland for Amazon Sellers and eCommerce users whether they are new or already established. Noviland is without a doubt the safest and lowest risk option we have found. They take a lot of the learning curve out of sourcing and are very helpful with customer service. For larger entrepreneurs or those who own businesses looking to scale, Noviland is great at enabling you to spend less time in logistics and more time in product development. We can request quotes, receive samples, give feedback, and place orders, while Noviland handles the rest. Additionally, they have great quality control to ensure that our customers never receive faulty or inaccurate products.

In closing, is there anything else you would like to share about working with Noviland?

As entrepreneurs who not only sell products, but also coach others to launch their own brands, Noviland is a fantastic partnership for us. We are excited to be launching more products in our line exclusively with Noviland and plan to build them into our curriculum as a go-to choice for an online supplier.