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Chinese New Year 2019- For Sourcing and Manufacturing Industry

Chinese new year or CNY has a huge impact on global market as all the Chinese offices and manufacturing units keep closed for around two to three weeks during this time. CNY has no fixed date and it can come any time between January to February. Chinese New Year 2019 is on February 5th this time. By this time it becomes very important to have good understanding of things that happen during CNY. Getting in touch with a good cloud sourcing company may save you from the adverse effects of CNY on your business. As the manufacturers in china keep their offices and manufacturing units closed for a long holiday on CNY , it becomes important to timely procure or source products for your business from China because after shut down your order may be delayed for a long time and will make your business suffer. By proper planning and strategy you can spare your business from crisis. To source product made in China one must pre-plan the Chinese new year as it affects both manufacturer and buyer. Noviland is one of the most proficient cloud sourcing company to contact beforehand to avoid dealing with inadequacy at the time of CNY.

Issues faced by Chinese manufacturing companies during CNY

Too much hassle to meet the dead line: Due to bulk placement of orders before CNY holidays from different countries the manufacturers are in haste to meet the dead line. Most people place large orders in order to procure products for the time of shut down of Chinese whole sale market for around three weeks.

Too much Work load: There is too much rush to manufacture and ship the orders on time, which is why the work load right before CNY holidays. At this time the manufacturing process becomes faster and there is no scope for any mistake or compromise in quality.

Employees switching jobs: After log CNY holidays many workers switch jobs or they just don’t come back from home on the due date, hence the manufacturing companies suffer workforce crisis which consequently affects the manufacturing process. Usually the manufacturing capacity of these companies declines right after the CNY holidays. And the company takes time to find and hire new employees.

Delay in shipping the orders: Due to the rush and numerous orders to be shipped to different countries, it takes time to load the packages to the right vessel. Sometimes due to too much delay, the orders remain unshipped hence, it causes even more delay.

chinese manufacturer during chinese new year

How you should prepare your business for CNY?

All one needs to understand before a CNY shut down is that the Chinese offices and manufacturers are going to stay closed for two to three weeks. You just need to work your business according to that by taking few precautions in order to surpass the uncertainties. A good cloud sourcing company may help you accomplish your targets by handling all the complexities pertaining to manufacturing, shipment, delivery and payment etc.

Place larger orders: By placing large orders at least two to three months before the CNY depending upon the manufacturing capacity of the company and size of your order will let you receive the product on time. Larger orders placed in advance will help you procure the requirements of your clients even during and after the shut down.

Maintain harmonious relationship with the manufacturer: You can get yourself benefited in terms of quality and timely delivery of your products by maintaining good relations with your manufacturer. A sourcing agent will make the work easy for you by maintaining regular touch with your manufacturer while you will be busy taking care of your own business.

Get your order shipped and delivered before time: Get your orders delivered at least ten days before the CNY shut down takes place. Sourcing companies make sure that you receive your order right on time without any extra pains in head.

Do not compromise with quality: When the New year is approaching soon, most of the importers place large orders and manufacturing process is amplified due to that. Sometimes the quality is also compromised. To avoid receiving undesired products hire a sourcing agent and be sure of quality products delivered to you.

Plan for after CNY: Most of the work force comes from rural parts of china, and at the time of such long holiday few don’t come back on time or even switch jobs. In that case, manufacturers face a lot of problem finding new employees to keep the production in right pace.

Evaluate and plan to maintain the inventory: One should evaluate the quantity of inventory to be maintained during and after Chinese new year. And place the next order accordingly to avoid any lacuna.

Keep an alternative for last minute changes: One should not rely on just one supplier, you must have few more manufacturers in your list to whom you can contact at any point of time if the former one fails to deliver on time.

Contact Noviland as soon as possible to diminish the effect of CNY on your business.


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