Chinese New Year and Your Business

Have you planned your purchasing around Chinese New Year? If you are new to working with manufacturers in China, you may not be aware of the massive shutdowns that occur during this holiday season. Chinese New Year takes place on February 5th, 2019, however, the celebrations are a week long, factories shut down for the ten days prior to the holiday, and at least a week after to allow families to travel. Many factory workers move away from their home town and work constantly, so this trip home may be the only break they get to see their family all year. It’s hard for most of us to imagine our companies shutting down for almost a month, but in China, it’s common practice. With this extended holiday period, nothing will ship during the window of approximately January 15-February 25, 2019. Add more time if your product requires materials from multiple other Chinese manufacturers to create.

Shutdown Timeline

January 15 – factory workers start leaving to travel home

February 1-15 – administrative and salespeople take two weeks off

February 5 – Chinese New Year

February 15-20 – factories get up and running again

February 25 – orders start shipping

Planning for the Shutdown

How can you plan for this shutdown? The first step is to be prepared. Take a look at your inventory and your projected sales to see how much product you will need in stock through at least April 1, 2019, and order that amount. Second, get your orders in as soon as possible, before 2019. The earlier the better.

The caveat of all of this is that you are at the whim of the factory. Problems often arise during this time for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Factories don’t always follow the “first-come, first-served” rule. They may prioritize a bigger order, VIP customer, or repeat customer.
  • Defects are often higher as factories are in crunch time trying to process as many orders as possible before the holiday, then they are catching up on the backlog after the holiday.
  • Congestion at the shipping ports can sometimes mean your shipping container doesn’t make it on its designated freight, and gets delayed.

How Noviland Can Help

Fortunately, if you get your order in on time, and work with Noviland, many of these issues can be avoided. Since Noviland has solid working relationships with the manufacturers, is considered a repeat customer, and has a working team on the ground in China, orders are normally at a higher priority status. Also, Noviland staff in China can help with quality control issues, and detect defects before anything ships to you. Quality inspectors can even send you photos along the production process. Finally, Noviland can help consolidate your shipping from multiple factories into one shipping container, simplifying the process for you. Noviland also knows which freight lines are the most reliable, and least likely to offload a promised order, or can suggest alternative shipping methods depending on your product.

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