facts about the Chinese wholesale market

Chinese Wholesalers: Facts You May Not Know About!

Those who want to import from China need to proceed with much caution. It has commonly found that importing customized products from manufacturers is never easy and it becomes even more difficult with Chinese manufacturers. Sometimes there is a delay in getting samples and in certain instances; you require buying huge units per product design. So a delay in meeting the deadline for the delivery of products and high minimum order quantity are two of the important challenges that cash deprived small businesses face while trying to obtain products from China.

These are the challenges associated with buying products from the Chinese factories. To avoid all these problems, experts recommend you to buy from wholesalers in China. This will eliminate the minimum order quantity issue that importers often worry about. You can enjoy the liberty of picking up products according to your choice without any month-long wait for the delivery of your products.

Wholesale is a great option for small-time entrepreneurs but the process is not that easy. Following are a few facts about the Chinese wholesale market every importer should know about.

  • Yiwu Wholesale Market, the Most Established Name

Yiwu Wholesale Market

Wholesalers are available in all the nook and corners of China but one good place to find them is the Yiwu market. Being an old trading town it has immense importance and it has housed many such small and big wholesalers who can help you with your requirement.

The manufacturing infrastructure here is more advance as compared to other parts of the country. It is easy to find local agents and also those quality control services and export services in Yiwu. These things are central for buying, inspecting and shipping products from Chinese wholesalers to your own factory.

  • Wholesalers offer Lower Minimum Order Quantity

One big reason that importers are more interested in buying goods from wholesalers compared to developing customized goods from China even though the later comes with a private label facility.

One advantage of the wholesale product is that they can be checked at the time of production. You do not need to talk to the suppliers or to request samples or deposit your money in advance even before you can see your products.

Often it is seen that the wholesalers offer the lowest of minimum order quantity which lifts the burden on the importers to buy things in large amounts per unit.

Some wholesalers give you the freedom of buying just a few pieces per unit. On the other hand, a manufacturer often set a limit of 300 to 500 pieces of every product and it makes things expensive. Buying wholesale is an economically viable option for small time business owners.

  • Private Labeling cannot be used Wholesale Products

Private Label

Wholesale products in China do not conform to the overseas market regulations in general but China maintains its own set of regulations.  You can very well get wholesale products from China but in the long run; you will need your own customized products under your own branding. The wholesale option does help you tremendously in the initial days of your business.


  • Quality Control Check and Safety Standard is Equally Important for Wholesale Products

Quality Control Check

The risk is very much present with the quality of the wholesale products, similar to those customized goods. A wholesale piece may come out defective. So the quality control should be done to rule out any such possibility. As far as product safety is concerned the wholesale market is not free from criticism. As we have already mentioned that wholesale products in China targets the local market only, not the overseas and they hardly conduct any test or own compliance document.  So you must conduct your own quality control inspection and the product safety measures.

Final Notes

However, do you know some wholesalers are operating without export licenses? Yes, it is true and this happens because most of the traders have developed their products keeping in mind the native market in China. So they never have felt the need to get a license to sell their goods to overseas importers.

By following some legal rules and regulations you can export goods from Chinese wholesalers who do not have a license but this process looks complicated and buyers do not want to get into them.

To avoid these problems experts recommend you to contact a quality and experienced sourcing agent while sourcing products from ChinaA China sourcing agent will connect you to the most trusted wholesalers in the country and you can start dealing with a peace of mind.