Clothing Manufacturers in China: Tips to Find Them

Are you looking forward to creating your apparel store you had long been dreamt of? If your answer is yes, then the best option is to outsource your products from China as it is a low-cost manufacturer and has been a savior of many such small scale businesses who suffer from a shortage of capital in the beginning and struggle to make a presence in the market.For any clothing business to become successful it depends on a variety of factors and manufacturing is one of them which are of utmost priority. Knowing the right manufacturer to produce your products at an affordable cost, thereby do a lot of saving in your initial days and avoiding other troubles can make a significant difference in the shaping up of your business. So you must choose a manufacturer with due caution.

China is manufacturing heaven for all clothing brands because of the cheap labor and production cost. However, as you do not live in China and have to outsource from there, you should make a careful decision.

So you want to start any time but clueless about where to start. It is a challenging task to find the reliable Clothing manufacturing companies in China and choose one of them. However, with a few tips in hand, you will be able to identify them quickly.

Think about What You Want to Sell 

This point talks about formulating a business plan first even before you embark on your journey. You can use different sample templates to decide your clothing brand. Once you know which product you want to sell, it helps you give an impression on which manufacturer to pick up for the supply of your products. You must inquire if the manufacturers you choose have the required equipment to produce your clothing brand.

Determining the Sales Price 

You should calculate the cost involved in running your startup and know how much money can be set aside for the manufacturing of clothes. A marketing plan is an essential requirement here. You can use a marketing plan template for the purpose.

How much Quantity you want to Sell 

After you know how much you can save per production of every piece, you should find out the amount you wish to produce. The Chinese manufacturers usually offer minimum order quantity which you should inquire to know if you can afford that much of order. Do not worry; often, they offer the lowest minimum order possible which is a blessing for small businesses.

Do Extensive Research about Manufacturers 

You can do this online or offline. Doing real offline research give more weight to the matter and a China sourcing agent can help you with that. So you can entrust the responsibility of finding such a manufacturer to a professional sourcing agent and can rest assured about getting connected to the most reliable supplier. When you put faith in a China sourcing agent, it should be a company with valuable experience, knowledge, and skills in overseas manufacturing agents. Online searches are not recommended in the initial stages of your business because of a lot of forgeries involved with them. Alternatively, you can personally visit China to inquire about different manufacturers which are however not feasible for all.

Arrange an Interview with Your Manufacturer 

Never rush into any decision as soon as you find a suitable manufacturer. Try to obtain as much information as possible before coming into an agreement with them. You should ask a few necessary questions in the initial round up such as-

  • The type of items it manufactures
  • The kind of equipment it has
  • The companies it is working with
  • How much it produces the item that you want a per piece
  • Minimum order quantity
  • The payment options it offers, does it accept credit or any other seller financing options
  • Does it provide after-sales services?
  • Does it provide free shipping?
  • Whether the manufacturer has all the required equipment and facility to handle a sudden increase demand in the sale
  • Would it be accountable for apparel pattern drafting and fabric sourcing?
  • Does it offer samples to prior contract?
  • The level and quality of packaging

If your manufacturer provides all this information in clear and precise words, you can rely on them.

Make an Assessment 

You must know how communicable your manufacturer is as you will require talking to them on phone or email frequently. If you see your manufacturer always makes delay in returning your calls or emails and seem unperturbed by their action and does not give proper attention to your business requirement or handle an overwhelming number of clients at a time you should look for other options.

Negotiation and Signing of the Contract 

Once you collected all the necessary information about your manufacturer and made up your mind, you will need to negotiate the terms and conditions of the business agreement and subsequently sign a contract with them. This contract gives you necessary protection against any foul play at the time of dealing.

Acquire Samples of Your Product 

You should obtain some examples for your product so that you know early what will be the end design of your clothes. Give proper attention to the texture and the quality of the fabric being used by them and also the manner the clothes are stitched. If you approve the samples, you can finally send your outline of a design for the production of your clothes.

Final Notes 

You should try at least 3 to 4 Clothing manufacturers as a means of back up. It helps you to immediately switch on to another manufacturer when your current manufacturer cannot cater to your requirement. Your business will not be affected during the process as it will be a smooth transition.

When you finally sell your products, you should check how well your products are appreciated in the market. If there is positive feedback of your product, then the credit goes to your manufacturer, and if there is negative response all over, you should find another manufacturer.