Contractors & Developers both have a lot of moving parts at any given time. Between labor, materials, & equipment – building materials are typically the largest overhead. All Contractors & Developers want to get quality materials, but also minimize procurement & purchasing costs. Noviland works with the best factories to not only get you the quality materials you need, but also increase savings & ship to your warehouse or job site on your project schedule.

The Noviland Experience

How eCommerce businesses work with Noviland



    your materials list & quantities needed for the project or bid


    an RFQ with all specs, floor plans, & order quantities




    with your Noviland team to address any questions


    quotes & get samples to compare to other suppliers




    your order & have it shipped according to your project schedule


    production updates, view your QC report & check on shipping status anytime you’d like in the system



    GO OUT & WIN

    your next project bid!

[ Case Study ]

Kuratere with Micah Malinics

Recently, Noviland interviewed Micah Malinics co-owner of Merch Dudes, an eCommerce management and educational platform that launches online brands and develops systems to increase…


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