eCommerce & Amazon Sellers are the new generation entrepreneurs – selling private label products through various platforms. It’s a booming industry that’s given a lot of companies the opportunity to connect with consumers globally. Often times a lot of these Sellers don’t even get to see the physical products, so they rely on their supplier to be reliable, honest, and fair – three guiding principles we hold here at Noviland.

The Noviland Experience

How eCommerce businesses work with Noviland



    which products you’d like to sell


    a quote & describe any tweaks you want done – with a link to it online




    with your assigned Noviland team to clear up any minor details


    your quotes & choose which samples to get




    your shipping plan & upload any required shipping labels


    your order to any warehouse in the world




    real-time production updates, QC reports, and shipping updates in the system


    your products with just a few clicks


[ Case Study ]

Kuratere with Micah Malinics

Recently, Noviland interviewed Micah Malinics co-owner of Merch Dudes, an eCommerce management and educational platform that launches online brands and develops systems to increase…

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