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How To Source Products From China? Noviland Dwindles The Hassle

There are products in the international market that you must be yearning to possess in your business. But the main challenge while dealing abroad is that vast amount of fraudulent in the market exists these days. You can’t be sure of the quality, cost, and appearance of the product without seeing it. Also traveling abroad and getting your purchase shipped takes a lot of money and time that may double up your expenses. China being the sovereign of mass production around the world serves a variety of products at minimum prices. Hence, it seems like a great supplier for most of your demands. Due to cliché details, it is hard to contact the dealers in China. To get the right product imported, one must know ‘how to source from China’? Noviland eases out the issue by acting as a sourcing manager and taking up all the stress on its own. We take up all the challenges to find out the desired product by the client and to meet his expectations by delivering the quality order at relatively economical prices in the international market.

How to Source From China? Expert Tips 

How do we get you the right product from the right manufacturer?

Get quotes:  We listen to your details and try to find a similar product in the international market. After getting the matching results, we make a list of such suppliers and manufacturers and avail you quotes from them.

Find a dependable supplier: We help you to find the most reliable suppliers possibly from our pre-vetted suppliers or by inspecting the suitable suppliers.

Research about the supplier: Inspection and investigation about the selected supplier are necessary to ensure if the supplier is the real manufacturer and not a conciliator. We intensely scrutinize the supplier as much as possible with the help of video conferencing, visiting the factory and by checking the reviews of their former customers. Only a source manager can make things happen with ease.

State your demand clear: One should keep the details of the product clear. The details of the material, quality, cost, and appearance of the product should be clearly stated before placing an order. We keep a record of the emails and documents which tell about the specifications you want in your product so that it would be easier to compare the expectations with the finished product.

Receive Samples: We avail the sample product for you to ensure the anticipated quality and appearance of the product ordered. You may suggest rectification if needed to avoid the mistakes during the production of the bulk order.

Documentation is necessary: Everything about the deal should be in black and white and signed by both the parties. It saves you from losses if anything goes wrong. We provide a copy of these agreements to both the parties as it is in the interest of both.

Scrutinize daily progress reports: We ask for a daily progress report from the manufacturer to monitor the everyday process and keep a check on discrepancies. Keeping in regular touch with the supplier makes it sure that the quality of your product is not compromised.

Monitor transit: We fetch you the tracking ID of your shipment to furnish you with easy access to the location of your order in transit. You can quickly get your products at FBA without any hassle.

Secure payment: We ensure a secured payment and receipt by OEM (Original Equipment Manager). The payment can be made after the shipment of your order or at the delivery to your maximum satisfaction.

Hire a professional or contact a procurement agency: Hiring a procurement agency makes the process way smoother and hassle-free as the professionals don’t just go by words of the person talking on the phone they’d instead intensely inspect the supplier by visiting or by video conferencing to ensure the actual production taking place. Sometimes suppliers online are not the actual manufacturers of the product — they subterfuge people by claiming themselves as the original manufacturers. We as a procurement agency save you from dealing with forged suppliers and make you deal with the right ones. We do authentic work by keeping the proof of all the documents and contracts. We abide by law and order of another country as well to ensure a precise deal.

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