Import Customized Products from Clothing Manufacturers in China

Looking for economic deals on import of clothing from china? Get in touch with the best clothing manufacturers in China which produce in bulk, low cost clothing with quality material. China is the leading manufacturer of consumer goods around the world. Due to mass production, the cost incurred in manufacturing goes very low. Making money by importing and reselling cheap and good quality products from china is a lucrative deal. State your expectation and meet the best clothing manufacturer by hiring a sourcing agent. China sourcing agent will smoothen the deal by finding and availing you the best products at least price from authentic manufacturers in china. Any one from a designer to a wholesaler may get benefited by custom made apparels manufactured by high end technology and skilled labor in Chinese factories. Gone are the days when people used to wait for months to buy trendy clothing in their country as, with sourcing companies like Noviland it is now possible to quickly import custom made trendy clothing everywhere including the FBA Warehouses. Not just clothing but also you can choose to import any product of your choice or a customized product as per your expectations.

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Enjoy these benefits of sourcing products from china:

Customized design: Besides choosing from existing designs you may also place order with manufacturers for producing your customized design. If you have specific designs in mind, you can share it with your sourcing agent who would then get you quotation from different manufacturers in China who manufacture similar products.

Color and make of fabric: You can choose to get your product in a color of your choice or in multiple colors. Colors and make of the fabric can be customized and stated clearly at the time of placing order to get the desired outcome.

Unique packaging: You can make your product look distinct among others in the market by giving it a unique packaging. Packaging is an indispensable feature of your brand that exhibits the name, standard and quality and other details about the product so, it has to be user friendly and attractive.

Prints on fabric: You can get customized prints on the fabric of your choice from the textiles in China. Also you can choose to select printed fabrics for manufacturing of apparels.

Embroideries: You may choose to get embroidered or printed logos, motifs and sequence work on the apparels or clothing material as, the manufacturer would deliver you the product made as per the specifications you mention to your sourcing agent.

Lowest price: By bidding process the sourcing company gets you the list of manufacturers in China who are manufacturing the product of your choice without compromising in quality. Due to mass production and latest technology the cost of production is already less in Chinese factories and by bidding it becomes possible to get even cheaper products.

Steps to follow to import clothing from china with the help of a sourcing agent:

State your requirements: First of all you need to tell your souring agent about your requirements. You need to be specific about the details that you want in your product. Color, make, design, packaging, weight etc. has to be mentioned specifically while requesting for quotation (RFQ). With the help of specifications it becomes easier for the sourcing company to get you the most appropriate manufacturers for your product.

Get list of suitable manufacturers: Once the sourcing company gets the fully explained requirement from your side, they further look for the appropriate manufacturing units that produce same kind of products as yours. With the help of pre-vetted companies and knowledge of Chinese wholesale market, their proficient staff finds plenty of options for you to choose from. You can further choose to make business with any of those on the basis of quality, price and timely delivery.

Get free samples: The sourcing company would even avail free samples to you to ensure that you get the same product as you had expected. The sample products are compared to the stated expectations by you and improvements are suggested if required. Sample product helps to avoid wastage and losses by communicating properly the actual requirement of the client.

Place bulk orders and reorders: After sanctioning the sample products you may place bulk orders so that the actual manufacturing process would take place as soon as possible. You may even re-order at the time of shortcomings for procurement of stock.

Get your orders delivered: Once that the manufacturing is done you can choose to get it delivered at the place of your choice or an FBA warehouse if you deal from there. The sourcing agent would coordinate with the delivery partner in order to get the cargo details and timely delivery of order.

Make the payment: You can make payment once the order is dispatched from the manufacturer or at the time of delivery. The sourcing agent ensures a secure payment made to the actual manufacturer without any fraudulent.

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Here are the most important things that the sourcing company does for us to ease out the process of sourcing goods from china:

Anytime access to business related conversations: The sourcing agent maintains transparency in the deal by keeping you in loop while making any conversation with the manufacturer. This way you stay updated with all the details like, daily and weekly reports pertaining to the production.

Proper Scrutiny of manufacturing units: By visiting and video conferencing, proper scrutiny of the manufacturing unit is done by the China sourcing company before placing any order. The existence of factory, technology and workforce is investigated to ensure the manufacturing capacity that the manufacturer claims.

Ensure secure payment: The sourcing agent ensures secure payment to the actual producer of the product as,there are many intermediaries and suppliers in the Chinese market that claim to be the actual manufacturers.

Keeping more than one options for future: The sourcing company keeps in touch with many suppliers and manufacturers that manufacture the same product so that, they can place immediate orders at the time of exigencies or shortcomings in stock. They avail you with a lot of options even when you are out of time and stock and need urgent procurement.

Keeping a record of important documents: The sourcing company keeps a record of important documents pertaining to your business with the manufacturer to avoid future conflicts. Documents like signed agreement between you and the manufacturer, complaints, request and queries raised by you and manufacturer’s response on them are kept as record. These documents serve as proofs at the time of discrepancies.

Contact a sourcing company and make easy money by importing and reselling cheapest yet quality clothing from Chinese manufacturers. Browse through the website of Noviland for more details.


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