Noviland Breaks International Mechanical & Electrical Machinery Barriers

We here at Noviland keep our ear to the ground when it comes to what’s important not only to our clients, but the global market as a whole. The mechanical and electrical industry is growing globally. Noviland is at the forefront of this growing market.

Last month, Noviland entered into a partnership with the China Machinery Cloud Science & Technology Company (ACMTC). With the current trade frictions between the US and China, Noviland and the ACMTC are working closely together. Our goal is to make heavy machinery more accessible for factories to set up shop in countries outside of China.

The efforts were led by Wenhao Cai, VP of Asian Operations & Business Development. We held deep discussions covering the trade war, market opportunities, consumer market trends, and production transformation. We strongly believe that talks like this are an important part of building a future that will benefit both US-manufacturers and factories worldwide.

Pictured left to right: Qi Ji – Head of BD of ACMTC. Peng Li – General Manager of ACMTC. Wenhao Cai – VP of Asia Operations at Noviland.

Why the Partnership

Chinese machinery is well received by overseas markets and has been developing rapidly. With China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the push for more accessible heavy machinery has grown exponentially. Chinese customs statistics show that exports of mechanical and electrical products reached 9.65 trillion yuan ($1.35 trillion USD) in 2018, accounting for over 50% of China’s total export value. 

Countries importing this machinery see the benefit in being able to automate more manufacturing processes, leading to reduced product costs within those countries. Noviland understands the importance of having affordable consumer goods to promote domestic trade, which is why we chose to work closely with the ACMTC.

Discussions of the partnership between Noviland and the ACMTC

Noviland, in conjunction with the ACMTC, is working together to expand the international accessibility of heavy mechanical and electrical products. Our key initiative is to improve mechanical and electrical product quality to meet the rising international procurement demands. By integrating the supply chain resources and analyzing international market information, Noviland and ACMTC aim to drastically enhance the quality of cross-border eCommerce. Specifically, in the small electromechanical, household, and emerging consumer product categories. 

Peng Li, General Manager of China Intelligent Machinery Cloud, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wenhao Cai, Vice President of Operation of Noviland.

China Machinery Cloud Science and Technology Company

The ACMTC was founded by and is co-sponsored by the China Machine Tool Corporation. They are also part of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products. China Machinery Industry Metal Cutting Tool Technology Association is also part of these groups and plays a big role.

The ACMTC holds the largest database of the top trusted machinery manufacturers in China. Together, Noviland and the ACMTC work closely with Chinese Chambers in order to thoroughly vet these machinery manufacturers. As a result, we plan to add factories to their cloud database to make them more easily accessible, globally.

ACMTC, designed and developed by China Sunyun Technology Co., Ltd. is a recognized professional in cross-border eCommerce for China’s machine tool industry.  They integrate market information, products, exhibitions, services, and sales solutions. This all ties into making the advanced machinery more accessible to the manufacturers who need it most.

They hold a strong position in the market through their cloud-based platform and are inspired by the global concept of ‘innovation, coordination, green, and openness’. The ACMTC is part of the Belt and Road Initiative and plans on setting up 20 overseas service centers. These centers will carry out after-sale support, personnel training, storage of spare parts, and other bonded warehousing services.

Noviland plans on working closely with our new partner in breaking the barriers to advanced heavy machinery. Increasing accessibility to advanced machinery is the key to helping manufacturers globally continue to grow and improve their capabilities.