Process Breakdown for Amazon Sellers: Selecting, Sourcing and Selling Your Private Label Product

If you are new to selling on Amazon, you may not realize all of the steps it takes to get a private label product out in the marketplace. These steps can take a lot longer than you may have planned. To guide you in this process and give you a realistic timeline, Noviland has put together the steps to succeed in the Amazon seller process.

Selecting Your Product

The very first step in your Amazon seller’s journey is selecting the right product. Here are some things to consider:

Current Sales on Amazon

Amazon provides a list of best-selling products on their site. As you scroll through, you can get a feel for which type of products might work for you. Also, take note of the product’s star ratings and reviews. You don’t want to select a product with horrible ratings unless you have a way to improve the product significantly. Another method is using Viral Launch’s Product Discovery tool to find more stats on the products you’re interested in. Grab those links and save the specs to use in your RFQ.

Product Weight and Packaging

Choosing products that aren’t easily breakable are lightweight and require less packaging work best. Customers are often scared off from purchasing when they initially see an excellent product price, only to have the shipping price raise the total price much higher.

Product Design and Patents

To create the product, Noviland will need product specs to give to the Chinese manufacturers. Noviland can often use the specs of an existing product if you provide a link; however, the specs need to be clear of any patents so that you are making a legal product. You can find out more about specific patents here.

Budget, Pricing, and Quantity

Your budget should have been set in the beginning, but the budget can be manipulated a bit based on the cost of your product, the amount you order, shipping costs and the price in which you are selling your product. Keep in mind; higher quantities usually yield smaller per product pricing from the manufacturer; however, you may want to test how something sells before placing a large order. Leave enough of your budget in reserve if you need to replenish your stock quickly.

Once you find the right product, consider your budget for marketing, PPC, SEO, listing optimization, etc. If you need help finding them, check out Sermondo for Amazon Marketing Experts or sign up for Viral Launch using the code “NOVILAND15” to get 15% off of your Viral Launch List Launch!



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