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The 100 Top Most Selling Product On Amazon, Here’s How To Find Them

Imagine being the seller of best selling products on Amazon. It is indeed a profitable deal but do you know how to find such product that you can afford to procure and resell and compete the pre-existing competitors on Amazon? A good sourcing company like Noviland can actually help you to achieve your goal. By dealing with a dependable Chinese manufacturer and timely sourcing of your demands at FBA. We spare you from a deal with shortcomings at the time of high demand. Due to our pre-existing grip on Chinese commerce wholesale, we never fail to deliver to our clients on time. We get you the best prices because we buy direct from manufacturer China where consumer goods are mass-produced at a very low cost due to upgraded technology and cheap workforce.

How to Find the Right Product to Sell?


Listing on Amazon

The best thing about Amazon is that it provides a list of its best selling products on Amazon and its users can utilize this information. If you will open up the website and scroll down you will see a list of best selling products would be given. You can choose to sell any of these products on Amazon keeping in mind all the other factors that can affect your sales.

amazon product listing

Product Weight

Try and choose a product that weights under 3 pounds as it will spare your product from adding up with extra shipping charge. A product after adding up shipping charge may look unattractive or expensive to the customer, so the product must be having the least shipping charge added with it.

Customer Reviews

Most people like to buy the products after reading their reviews. They want to know the response of the real users of those particular products and want to be sure that the amount they are planning to spend on that product is not going down the drain. So make sure you have enough customer reviews below your product. in that case, you can buy products from Chinese manufacturers with good reviews which will ensure good quality of your product and eventually you will get good customer reviews while selling them on Amazon.

Star Rating

There is a five-star rating scale to the right side of every product that clearly shows how many people have rated it up to what star count. You must have at least 20-30 ratings on your product. always choose to sell a product having good star ratings, because a customer would be interested in buying the product that has been tried and tested and lived up to customers’ expectations.

Worthy Price

Make sure that the price you are offering should not be more than the price offered by the competitors that are selling the same product. Even though the product is cheap it should be worthy of its price as the customer wouldn’t want to spend money on something that serves no use. For example, most sellers buy metal brackets in bulk from mass bracket manufacturer in China. Hence, they get those products at a very less price. Even if it is the best selling product on Amazon, it would not be profitable for you to sell the same product for more price than the competitors offer price. If you do offer an elevated price, the product should be high in quality to justify its price.

Focus on Consumer Goods

Consumer goods have high potential to elevate your sales as, no matter what, these are demanded by the customer round the year. Try and choose consumer goods to sell these are very cheap due to mass production in China and can be timely imported with the help of our sourcing company without any hassle. Products like frozen foods, clothing, shoes, etc are bought by people of all ages and from all regions.

Seasonal Products

Try and avoid selling the product that is in demand for a certain period of time and the sales graph goes down once this period is expired. For example, umbrellas are high in demand during monsoon and jackets are mostly in demand in winters. Choose a product that is in demand around the year to maximize your sale. Due to our pre-vetted contacts in the Chinese market, we can help you get the finest quality items at the lowest price from clothing factories in china.

Fair Fulfillment Services

Avail the fulfillment services that actually work for you. FBA may not always be beneficial for you as to timely pick-up, sort, pack, ship, track the orders. They also handle returns and refunds of the products sold to your customers. You may also contact other fulfillment agencies if FBA is not living up to your expectations. Such agencies would get the work done for you just in time.

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