Chinese Suppliers

The Right Guide to Start Your Local Hair Business with Chinese Suppliers

Getting into human hair business is an overwhelming task, especially, if you do not have the proper information. You can rely on Chinese hair factories to start your business as they are known to be affordable. You need a lot of awareness, knowledge and the right strategy to find out the best hair factory for your business.

First, you should know that there is a difference between hair factories and hair distributors. Do you know a majority of hair suppliers online are actually distributors who project themselves as factories? Running a factory is a costly adventure, so you will see there is less number of factories but there is a long list of distributors.

Only a handful of hair factories sell human hair online because of their tie-up with a lot of distributors. If you are starting your business and are looking to import only a small amount of hair first, the ideal option for you to choose a hair distributor. But if you are already established then you must directly communicate with a Chinese factory.

Since, this whole process of importing goods from China involves risk; taking help of a sourcing agent will help you spot the most trusted hair factories in China.

How to find the best hair distributors and factories in the country?

First, you can search online for the best wholesale distributors and factories as choosing wholesale option will enable you to get the best deals and prices. But, it is not advisable to depend entirely on the online recommendation of things. One single distributor has tie-ups with many factories and so you must walk with caution.

China is the biggest manufacturer of human hair, virgin hair and hair extensions. The best hair factories are located at Guangzhou, Xuchang and Qingdao, etc places. If you need hair for your parlor then you must get a distributor and make a deal online rather than personally visiting the country, which will be quite expensive for you. But, if you want to start a serious hair business you or your agent must physically visit the factories in the country to know about the product quality, before making the final deal. Do some research and prepare well before you fix meetings with Chinese executives if you want things to be shaped in a fruitful manner.

A Few Leading Chinese Hair Factories

  • Trade hair factory: Being one of the most well-known hair factories in the country, it deals with virgin hair. It was founded in the year 2009 and since then it has been catering to the requirements of various vendors, distributors, and stylists. For hair beauty business this is a perfect place to find authentic and quality hair. They provide active customer care service and they are very attentive towards the requirements of their customers.
  • Kabellu hair factory: It is located in Guangzhou and has been producing quality hair products for 11 years now. It has a large network of business and is a familiar name in the beauty industry market.
  • XBL hair factory: It has been in operation since 2001 and has valuable experience in trading human hair products. It is a big company with two factories located in Shandong province. These two factories produce hair products of different qualities as per the demand of the customers.

Payment options

As far as payment is concerned, you can use PayPal, Visa, MasterCard to make payment online to the Chinese distributors. Several offline payment options are also available such as Pay later, Money Gram and Western Union. You can talk to the distributors well ahead and fix your payment options.

Concluding opinions

So, as you have seen there are many facts and information you should be aware of before negotiating with Chinese factories and distributors. Whether you want to contact the Chinese hair suppliers or cheap glass pipes or straw suppliers, getting help from Chinese factories is crucial for the initial success of your business as it is well known that the cost of production and cost of labor is cheap and easily available in the country.