Top 5 Amazon Seller Tools with Special Offers Going Into 2020

Amazon Sellers are businesses, and businesses can only succeed with the right tools. Luckily, you’ll find some Amazon Seller Tools here that’ll not only help your business grow exponentially, but also be able to access them with great discounts and offers.

Sellbery, Trendly, Seller Snap, & ChannelReply are all providing savings in the free eBook “Best Tools & Tips to Succeed on Amazon”. You’ll also find a special offer for Noviland!

Want to get a sneak peek into what Amazon Seller Tools are in the book?

Here’s a breakdown of the tools and the special offers they have right now!

1. Trendle Analytics

Focus: Amazon Forecasting & Analytics

Data is the core of every business decision. Amazon Sellers setting up shop on Amazon are no different. Knowing where your money is going with ad campaigns, keyword rankings, reviews, and optimizing the dollars spent is at the core of a business selling on Amazon.

Luckily, Trendle helps you crunch those numbers in a way that’s significant to your business. You can’t forecast the future without analyzing the past. 

You can learn more about Trendle Analytics and get a special offer for the first three months by downloading the free eBook.


2. Sellbery

Focus: Multi-Channel Listing

Amazon is an amazing sales channel for businesses, however, going selling through various sales channels is the best way to exponentially grow your business. 

Sellbery offers you the opportunity to sell through channels like Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Mercado Libre and even supports Shopify store-builders. It gives you the power to track inventory, analytic your eCommerce data, optimize listings on multiple marketplaces, and much, much more – all from a single platform!

There are free plans & features that Sellbery offers, but in this eBook, you’ll find some great discounts for the paid plans as your business grows!


3. ChannelReply

Focus: Multi-Channel Customer Service Tool

If you’ve established your brand and business, chances are that you’re selling across multiple channels, and your customer support team is probably feeling it. Having to oversee Amazon messages, eBay, phone calls, emails, and even social media.

There are options out there like Gorgias & Zendesk that help thousands of businesses that sell through several channels, however, they tend to have difficulties when it comes to marketplaces like eBay & Amazon.

You can manage the multi-channel customer service for Amazon & eBay through Channel Reply.

They’re even offering a FREE extended trial when you download the free eBook.


4. Seller Snap

Focus: Amazon Seller Pricing Tool

There’s nothing worse than getting into a price war with your competitors on Amazon. Prices fluctuate by the hour and keeping up with your competitors can take up a full day. Time you could use to continue growing your business.

In this eBook, you’ll learn more about Seller Snap – a tool that uses a game theory-based, AI algorithm to automatically reprice your listings. It keeps your best interests in mind by maintaining a healthy balance of keeping as high of margins as possible, while still outdoing the competition.

Seller Snap helps you not only maximize your sales, but optimize the selling price so you can focus on growth.. Not spend all day adjusting your pricing.

They’re offering a healthy % discount on the first three months of service when you learn more about them in the eBook.


5. Noviland

Focus: Sourcing & Purchasing from Asian Factories

Every private label Amazon Seller takes a risk when they source overseas. It’s a risk they need to take in order to stay competitive, however, that often comes at a cost.

Whether you’re just starting out on Amazon, or scaling your business up, there’s 2 costs that always come with sourcing overseas yourself; One, is time, the other is money. You’ll often times spend weeks, or even months, working with someone overseas found on marketplaces to establish the right product at the right price. This comes with no guarantee that the person on the other side of the screen is legitimate.

This is time you could be spending focusing on sales and marketing. This process also tends to come with the huge risk of the person on the other side of the world being a scammer. Both are calculated risks that businesses currently take to sell their items at a profit.. 

Thanks to Noviland, those days are over. You can mitigate all of your risks and scale your business up, safely, by using Noviland to source and purchase your products from the top manufacturers in China & Vietnam. Not to mention that the software is completely free to use!

You can learn more about Noviland & get a special offer by downloading the eBook today!