Chinese Manufacturers

Useful Tips for Working With Chinese Manufacturers

All the entrepreneurs who want to get their products manufactured in China are not free from challenges. However certain preparations on your part will make the process easy. The whole process involves proper documentation, identifying a trusted factory with the help of a China sourcing agent, the negotiation of prices and a close inspection of the order before final shipment. Most of the first time entrepreneurs make some mistakes while preparing to deal with Chinese manufacturers. It is not something related to the genuineness of the factory. Instead, the failure is not able to conduct a prototype testing and a lack of carefully prepared engineer’s drawings for the product.

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind if you do not know how to get a product made in China.

If you visit a Chinese factory without a proper sketch of your product, it will create a lot of confusion. So it is crucial that you have got your drawings ready after proper discussion with your engineer and get them tested through by creating a prototype of the product and introduce changes if necessary before finalizing it. All these things will work in the best interest for you.

You must ensure that all the product details are clearly reflected in your drawing which includes the dimensions, materials, finish and the final packaging. If you do not specify the quality and type of materials you want to be used in your product the Chinese manufacturers will use whatever available with them which is of the usually cheapest quality. The chances are that you might get a poor quality product and it will make you upset in the end.

You should get a written instruction mentioned in your contract about the quality of the product which will help you to complain later to the Chinese factories when you receive faulty products with improper dimensions. Under such circumstances, the manufacturer will be bound to replace the faulty parts or will give you compensation. However, in some products, the drawings are not required and in such situations, a sample will be sufficient.

The packaging is another important aspect. If you prefer custom packaging then you must contact a professional artist to prepare the design and other necessary details.

The Next Step is Finding the Best Manufacturer in China

After the completion of your drawings the next step is identifying the right factory to get your products manufactured. Here a China sourcing agent will immensely help you as it has a partnership with the trusted partner groups and enable you to easily access them. These Chinese groups will help you to find the best factory for your product. They will forward your drawing to the factory for a price quote.

The quote usually includes minimum order quantity, tooling costs, sample production, and shipment cost and price per unit. For heavyweight products, the sea fright cost is included and it costs less than the air fright.

If you agree with the quote and want to go ahead with the production you will require to put a purchase order. In this phase, a 50 percent deposit will be processed and your Chinese manufacturer will start producing sample products for your approval.

You should remember that you should not make 100 percent payment for your products from China. Because you never know what is happening on the other side. Several instances have been reported when a factory goes missing or running out of function after receiving complete payment from the clients.

As you receive your sample products you must get them tested to check their finish, functionality and other aspects. This is important because you can gauge from your samples what you are going to receive from the Chinese factories. Any defects should be addressed in this stage. As you approve your sample products, a 50 percent payment would be done to the factory together with 30 percent for the running of the actual production.

After the final production, the inspection should be done either through an independent third party chosen by you or your sourcing agent or their partner companies. Though the initial inspection process is always done by the factory itself this is a necessary step to follow. Some extra fee will be required in the process. The inspection company will give you a written report with pictures. When you approve the shipment by signing it out, the remaining payment would be transferred to the Chinese factory.

Final Notes

However, you must remember that price should not be the only criteria while importing products from China. This is because even if you get a factory at an affordable price but with poor quality products in the end with a delay in delivery, the whole dealing will be useless.

So your primary consideration should be to locate a trusted factory so that you can completely rely upon them to get your products on time. Focusing only on the price means you are taking a great risk. These are significant information on how to get a product manufactured in China and you should remember them every time you deal with the Chinese manufacturers.

In this entire manufacturing process, you and your sourcing agent and its Chinese partners would work in close cooperation so that nothing can go wrong in dealing. Sometimes the factories might ask for any sort of adjustment which will be solved after discussion with you. Without your approval, no change will be done.